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22 Times It Was Kerry Washington's World And We Were All Just Living In It

K Dub = queen.

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1. Clearly, every single moment in which she plays Olivia Pope, but particularly this moment from Season 1...

2. ...this moment from Season 2...

ABC / Via

3. ...this moment from Season 3...

ABC / Via

4. ...and this moment from Season 4.

ABC / Via

5. Every time she walks like she rules everything around her.

6. When she had jokes.

7. When she had fantastic life advice.

BuzzFeed / Via

8. When she was basically the best part of Save the Last Dance.

9. When she was flawless as Della Bea Robinson in Ray.

Universal / Via

10. AND as Broomhilda von Shaft in Django Unchained.

11. When she had this to say about women both on television and in life.

12. When she gave this speech at the 2013 NAACP Image Awards.

13. And this speech at the 2014 awards.

14. Throughout her entire episode of Saturday Night Live, especially during this sketch...

NBC / Via

...and this one.

15. When she was the most pro-pizza person at the Oscars.

16. When she showed off these dance moves.

17. When she revealed that she's pretty much been wonderful since childhood.

NBC / Via


18. When she proved to be the only person in the world who can pull off a white hat.


19. When she talked about her commitment to playing imperfect characters.

20. When she said that for her, sexy = smart.

21. When she revealed her affinity for Disney songs.

22. And when she summed up what Friday mornings are like for every single person who live tweets Scandal.


Same, Kerry. Same.

We <3 u, K Dub.

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