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    21 Times Connie Britton's Hair Was The Greatest Thing To Grace This Earth

    Long hair, do care.

    1. When, on Friday Night Lights, it was abundantly clear that this was BEYOND the best hair in Dillon, Texas, y'all:

    2. When we got both great words of wisdom and great hair from the inimitable Tami Taylor:

    3. When she looked ~super fly~ rocking her signature look: aviators and glorious hair.

    4. When the only thing *slightly* better than these displays of affection and love was hair:


    5. And when the only thing *slightly* better than this facial expression was hair:

    6. When CB pulled off something very few can: a side pony.


    7. When this was the greatest still from season one of American Horror Story:

    8. And when this was the greatest GIF:

    9. When CB's hair was the only thing that made any sense here:

    10. When hugs on Nashville were merely a vehicle to show off these perfect waves from the side...

    11. And back:

    12. When we got big hoops and big hair by way of Rayna James:

    13. When it became obvious that in a competition between two fabulous women with fabulous hair, CB would always take the crown:

    14. When her tresses casually blew in the wind:

    15. When these locks were a scene stealer time...

    16. After time...

    17. After time:

    18. When hair struggles happened:

    19. When life struggles happened but this updo proved resilient:

    20. And basically every single time CB appeared on a talk show:


    21. But ESPECIALLY this one, for obvious reasons:


    I will leave you with these words...

    And this little hair flip from the Queen herself.