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22 Signs You're Shamelessly Head Over Heels For Your Dog

Short haired, long haired, don't care cuz its ma dog.

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1. You're slightly obsessed with dressing up your dog in adorable (and sometimes hilarious) costumes.

2. When someone tells you they have a dog, you get insanely excited because this gives you a chance to talk about your dog.

3. You buy your dog more toys than any dog could possibly need.

(Still prefers your socks.)

(Still prefers your socks.)

4. Your favorite part of the day is when you get home and your dog is SO EXCITED to see you.

5. You see your dog as less of a dog and more of a mini human.

6. Your Instagram is filled with pics of your dog.

7. If you live in a city that isn't totally dog friendly, you've contemplated what it would be like to bring your dog to public places.

8. To say you make a big deal about your dog's birthday would be an understatement.

9. Your heart melts when you look at your dog's puppy pictures.

10. You have conversations with your dog (and sometimes think your dog kind of understands what you're saying).

11. You firmly believe that you're not one of those "weird" people who are obsessed with their dogs. No, you're obsessed with your dog because your dog is just that awesome.

12. You think even the littlest things your dog does, like yawning or sneezing, are so freaking adorable.

13. You like your dog more than some of your friends (and definitely more than some of your family members).

14. You've definitely gone through that phase where you tried to teach your dog all kinds of cool tricks.

15. You have your dog's food and treat preferences down pat.

16. Your ideal day would be one spent just chilling with your dog.

17. You feel like your dog somehow seems to know when you're having a bad day (and knows how to comfort you accordingly).

18. When someone says they're more of a cat person, you know your dog could make them turn.

19. Having someone ask to see pictures of your dog is pretty much the best thing ever.

"Which of these 500 pictures on my camera roll would you like to see? You know what, let me just show you all of them."

20. You beam like a proud parent when your dog gets along with other dogs.

21. You know that having a dog isn't easy and takes a lot of work and patience...

but your love knows no bounds—chewed shoes, pee on the carpet, accidents inside.

22. Because coming home to someone who loves you unconditionally...

and just gets you...

can't be beat.

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