21 Reasons “The First Wives Club” Is Criminally Underrated

You don’t own me.

1. It has three unbelievably talented actresses whose characters all bring something to the table.

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Elise brings the movie-star glamour and full lips.

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Hey, she’s just trying to contend with Hollywood’s narrow views on age and beauty.

Brenda’s the sassy, candid one who isn’t afraid to say what’s on her mind.

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And Annie starts out timid and cautious but by the end of the movie is one assertive woman.

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2. It takes place in one of the greatest decades.

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4. The one-liners are also relatable.

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May have said that…

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Definitely have said that.

5. Even the insults are a cut above.

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6. It stars Stockard Channing in a brief but memorable role.

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“Of the four of us, Cynthia was certainly the most likely to succeed. When she decided to do something, she just went ahead and did it.” Your heart just breaks for this woman.

7. It features a great Sarah Jessica Parker performance.

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A lot of SJP’s roles outside of “Sex and the City” can best be described as “meh,” but in this movie, she kills it as Shelly. Shelly the barracuda. She’s 12.

8. There’s also Marcia Gay Harden, who plays Annie and Aaron’s therapist.

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Dr. Leslie Rosen, author of “Getting What You Want—And Looking Great.” Her catchphrases: Work from love. Grow from love.

9. It has Bette Midler doing what she does best.

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Being fabulous.

10. It has Goldie Hawn doing what she does best.

Paramount Pictures / Via ladyreikos.tumblr.com

Being hilarious.

11. And it has Diane Keaton doing what she does best.

Paramount Pictures / Via thestrifeofpie.tumblr.com

Being Diane Keaton.

12. Three words: Dame Maggie Smith.

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Maggie Smith plays Gunilla Garson Goldberg to perfection. And she’s not just a first wife. She’s a second, third, and fourth wife. Remember: nobody gets anywhere in this town without Gunilla’s say-so.

13. We get to watch the ups and downs of what ultimately proves to be a fabulous sisterhood:

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They reunite because of Cynthia’s funeral and commiserate over failed relationships and ungrateful men.

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They found the First Wives Club and start working together to get justice.

Then they hit a rough patch and get in a fight. Hey, shit happens.

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But they work it out, kick ass, take names, and conquer the world. Or at least, the world of Manhattan.

14. This movie goes beyond women reclaiming their self-esteem and independence by getting back at the men who wronged them…

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(Which is definitely a blast to watch.)

15. Because these women are also about justice on a global scale.

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Unity, empowerment, helping others…The First Wives Club is all about giving back. Hell yea.

16. And there’s nothing better than rooting for these three as they get involved in all kinds of crazy antics.

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Like panicking when Morty arrives home too soon.

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Or plummeting down a window washer scaffold.

17. The cameos are superb.

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Ivana Trump.

Paramount Pictures

Kathie Lee Gifford.

Paramount Pictures

And yes, that would be Gloria Steinem.

18. First Wives Club references have stood the test of time, and the movie is still relevant.

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19. Even to the people who starred in it.

The Other Woman opens this weekend. It's about three women getting revenge on the man who wronged them. Why does that sound familiar?

— Bette Midler (@BetteMidler)

Ooh watch out. Bette Midler shade coming through.

20. It features what is arguably the best self-empowerment anthem of all time, Lesley Gore’s “You Don’t Own Me.”

Listen to this song, and you’ll feel like you can take on anything.

21. And it ends in the most spectacular way: an epic song and dance number.


The only things left to do right now: put on some Lesley Gore and sing your heart out…

Paramount Pictures / Via aichihuahua.tumblr.com

And dance.

Paramount Pictures / Via fuckyeah-chickflicks.tumblr.com

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