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    20 Reasons "Modern Family's" Cameron Tucker Is A Total Gem

    Wham, bam, thank you Cam.

    1. He uses puns.

    2. He likes midnight snack sessions.

    3. He worships at the altar of Meryl.

    She's perfection.

    4. He can envision himself as an actor.

    The role he was born to play. STELLAAAAAAAAAA.

    5. He gets super creative with his costumes.

    6. He gets really creative with other people's costumes.

    7. He knows about revenge.

    8. He likes to be a little dramatic when it comes to making big announcements.

    Reenacting The Lion King. Classic.

    Let's hear it for the boyyy.

    9. His love for Mitchell is heartwarming.

    10. He's a wonderful father to Lilly.

    (Even if he has some issues with coddling.)

    11. He can incorporate song lyrics into any occasion.

    12. He promotes positive body image.

    13. He speaks the truth about feelings.

    14. You can just feel his excitement and enthusiasm.

    15. He tells great stories about his childhood.

    16. His dance moves are excellent.

    17. He can get a little carried away sometimes.

    Yea...just a touch over the top.

    18. He has great taste in fashion.

    19. His pop culture references are on point.

    20. His witty one-liners are gold.