15 Times Olivia Pope’s Season 3 Wardrobe Made Your Wardrobe Feel Inadequate

The best way to feed your Scandal addiction while the show is on break? Gaze in envy and admiration at the wardrobe of your fav gladiator in [pant]suit.

1. When she wore this Burberry trench.

2. When she rocked a black-and-white gown and long black gloves.

She’s three for three with black-and-white dresses (remember this Michael Kors one and this Escada one?)

3. When she wore this militaryesque peplum jacket.

And navy heels that provide a beautiful yet subtle complement? Ugh perfect.

4. When she wore this gorgeous white jacket.

5. When she arrived in Vermont wearing this houndstooth swing coat by Dior.

6. When she arrived at the White House in boucle.

7. When even her workout clothes were perfect.

8. When she was a vision in this silk blouse and necklace.

9. When she looked super serious in a tab-button blazer.

10. When she was 50 shades of grey-ish.

11. When she toted this Prada handbag.

12. When she did plaid right.

13. When she looked really cozy in a cashmere coat.

15. And when she was a gladiator in a grey pantsuit.

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