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    • olivial6

      To all you people who go with the idea that it is “justajoke,” can we for one minute consider the child’s feelings, please? If something is meant asajoke, but is hurtful to the person at whom it is directed, there is no humor. It’s no different from kids being bullied at school. The bullies might think it’s all in good fun, but for the victim, it’s horrible. And then, suddenly, it’s the victim’s fault for not being able to takeajoke. Parents out there-would you think it was funny if someone said this to your daughter? This wasahorrible, disgusting thing to say to ANYONE, let aloneachild. The fact that anyone would callanine year old girl something so unspeakable is just beyond the pale. There was no call for it. There is nothing funny about it and no reason to think so.

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