15 Things Only People With Sensitive Stomachs Understand


    1. The idea of milk and cookies sounds extraordinary until you remember that the milk isn't too fond of you.

    2. Every outing involves scouting out the nearest restroom.

    3. The amount of time you've spent in the bathroom is probably unsettling to most.

    4. You're sick of people asking you why you can't eat something if you're not allergic to it.

    5. Sushi is your worst enemy.

    6. You've spent more time than the average person laying on the floor tying to relieve gas pains.

    7. It takes you about six times longer to recover from a stomach bug than the average person.

    8. You've spent years trying to figure out which foods cause the most damage.

    9. You've most likely had a colonoscopy and/or an endoscopy 30+ years ahead of all of your friends.

    10. Going out to eat is often less than ideal.

    11. Countless meals have been needlessly ruined by your selfish stomach.

    12. Even if you love spicy foods, it's probably not a good call to chow down on them.

    13. Speaking of bad ideas: eating popcorn!

    14. You envy people who are able to eats lots of fast food.

    15. But anytime you meet someone else with a sensitive stomach, you know you're not alone.

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