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Dad Reaction Pictures For Every Situation

I apologize ahead of time, Dad, for putting these pictures on the internet.

The "I Told You So"


When you know you're right, and someone tries to fool you.

The "I Don't Know You"


When someone from the internet asks where you live.

The "I'm Not Actually Upset I'm Just Acting"


When the person you hate fails.

The "That's None Of My Business"


When you're told some juicy gossip.

The "Oh My God"


When you see your number on the body weight scale.

The "Don't Even Think About It"


When you're in a bad mood and someone tries to talk to you.

The "That's Right I Did That"


The face you make to yourself when things go exactly as planned.

The "Who Do You Think You Are"


When someone says "no" to you.

The "Not Sure Whether To Laugh Or Cry"


When someone makes a rude joke about you.

The "Wow I Am Awesome"


When you realize how awesome of a dad you really are.

Dear Dad,

Thanks for being such a selfie God so I could have enough pictures to actually make this. You are truly the best dad ever and I hope that even though this post was really embarrassing (for you, not me), it made you smile a little. Also, I hope it comforts you that these hilarious pictures are now available to the eyes of the world :) HAPPY FATHERS DAY I LOVE YOU

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