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    19 Things Every Australian Thinks When They Step Foot Inside Chemist Warehouse

    "These damn narrow aisles got me scuttling like Dr. Zoidberg in here."

    1. 🎶 "Oooh, I'm blinded by the lights!" 🎶

    The Weeknd XO / Via

    Anyone else feel assaulted by the lighting? 

    2. "Is there anything not on sale?"

    This is literally just a regular picture of a Chemist Warehouse? nothing wrong there

    Twitter: @lolofoufour

    If you weren't blinded by the bright lights, prepare your eyes for the even brighter yellow and pink sale tags in every direction you look.

    Not to mention, a general aesthetic that screams "the end is nigh!"

    3. "These damn narrow aisles got me scuttling like Dr. Zoidberg in here."

    Futurama / FOX / Via

    Who designed the store? And why? Do you just hate humanity? 

    4. "Is the store always overstocked on supplies?"

    The Simpsons / 20th Television / Via

    As if the aisles weren't already overcrowded enough, now we have to dodge staff, other customers and stacks of unpacked boxes. 

    5. "Wow, how many celebrities have fragrances on the market?"

    6. "You know what, I definitely do need that VB fragrance."

    7. "I may as well do a cheeky wander while I wait for my prescription. I am almost out of Panadol."

    Superstore / NBC / Via

    Totally harmless, I'll only look at a couple of aisles. 

    8. "Where is the Panadol? Did I already walk past it?"

    Schitt's Creek / CBC / Via

    Better do another lap of the entire store — just for good measure. 

    9. "Bulk tubs of magnesium tablets are on sale! Do I need any other vitamins while I'm here?"

    Apple Music / Via

    We love discovering the many different ways to get our daily dose of collagen and turmeric. Do we really need these? Yes.

    10. "You know what, I should probably just get a new tub of all of my vitamins and supplements."

    Shameless / Showtime / Via

    There's no better place to announce your new health resolution than in an overcrowded aisle at your local CW. 

    11. "Oh, I forgot they sell make up here and I do need more mascara."

    Maybelline / Via

    Maybe it's the convenience, maybe it's Maybelline. 

    12. "With self-care Sunday coming up, a new face mask is a need not a want."

    @HDiddyNZ @MadMaclegend @girvana @kiwi_kali @GavinHuet @heyxie @MarkCurrieNZ @Anorakj @marty_57 @keith_miller_nz @Womble101 @NewYorkNixon @Sportsfreakconz I could get lost in Chemist Warehouse, it’s like an LV Martin catalogue for health & well-being that came to life. So many things I didn’t know I needed til I found them!

    Twitter: @PeterMcGlashan

    Picture this: It's Sunday evening, you've got a glass of wine in hand and a face mask on — what better way to end the weekend?

    13. "Alright, enough with the labyrinth, since when was the Panadol over there?"

    Labyrinth / TriStar Pictures / Via

    I've circled through this store three times now and the Panadol definitely wasn't there. 

    14. "Wait...What did I come to the shops for again? Laundry detergent!"

    Gravity Falls / Disney / Via

    You never choose to go to Chemist Warehouse. It chooses you. 

    15. "Thank my lucky stars, there's laundry detergent at the check-out shelf!"

    Superstore / NBC / Via

    Of course, right next to the condoms and the Eclipse mints. 

    16. "Which register do I go to? Where is that voice coming from? Is anyone there?"

    Big Brother / Endemol Shine North America / Via

    Strategically hidden behind a wall of even more items, you hear a voice, but you have no idea which register it came from. 

    17. "Phew, $250 dollars later and the medicine, laundry and bathroom cabinets are all stocked up."

    Glee / 20th Century Fox Television / Via

    But think of all the money I've saved long-term on bulk items.

    18. "What's with the security? I haven't felt this nervous since I walked past the airport customs staff with a piece of fruit in my backpack."

    South Park / Comedy Central / Via

    I don't feel like I've truly visited Chemist Warehouse, until I question my own shoplifting innocence on the way out. 

    19. And finally, "Oh crap, I forgot to collect my prescription from the pharmacist counter."

    The Office / NBC / Via

    Guess it's time for round two.