ohitsryan I'd like to think of myself as the Nomi Malone of Spanish Harlem.
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    • ohitsryan

      I agree with Catoyal. The writer of this piece sounds like someone who came from white privilege, moved into a “safe” neighborhood in midtown or the village, and have the most obscure idea of what it actually takes to live in new york because mommy and daddy pay for all of/most of their rent. Most of us “true” new yorkers don’t have the luxury of taking cabs everywhere because that shit is expensive! I always take the A trains to JFK, or the M160 to LAG. And if I’m flying out of Newark, I would still rather shlep onto the PATH train, transfer to some bus in NJ, and take an an hour and 30 minutes via public transit than have to pay $50-$60 for a cab.

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