15 Signs You Have Fully Adjusted To New York Life

If you exhibit these symptoms, congratulations. You’ve made it. Nissan understands your needs. That’s why they developed the NV200 Taxi with new features designed to make your commute, ride, and life much easier. Can we get a #hailyes?

1. You've gotten into more than one heated debate about where to get the best slice in your neighborhood.

And it certainly doesn’t cost a cent more than two dollars.

2. You have absolutely no tolerance for people who try to upstream your cab from you.

Excuse me? No.

3. You know there is no worse fate than having to transport a large item on the train at rush hour.

John Moore / Getty Images

4. You know there's a special place reserved in Hell for slow walkers.

And don’t even get started about the tourists stopping for pictures.

5. You know exactly how much the cab home from your favorite bar costs, down to the penny.

Chris Hondros / Getty Images

And you’ve got the quickest trajectory there down to a science.

6. You haven't done your own laundry in ages because who would when your laundromat has next-day drop-off service?

Losing a few extra socks in the process is a small price to pay for the beauty of professionally folded clothes.

7. You shake your head whenever someone freaks out about seeing a celebrity on the street.

You would stop and gawk, but you kind of have a date with Pinkberry, so…

8. You always know someone who can get your name on the list, no matter what the event.

Anuj Biyani / CC BY http://2.0 / Via Flickr: anujbiyani

And you are willing to lie, cheat, steal, or bribe your way inside if necessary.

9. You treat Times Square like a war zone.

George Rex / CC BY-SA http://2.0 / Flickr: 36692623@N06


And you never, ever, ever go there. Ever.

10. You always have cash on you, in case the restaurant is cash-only or your cab's card reader is "broken."

Universal Pictures / Smokey And The Bandit / Via televandalist.com

Hey, it happens!

11. You've come to terms with the fact that getting to the airport by public transport is just foolish.

Taking the subway to the bus to the shuttle? Puh-leaaaaase. Taxi!

12. You truly appreciate the healing powers of the late-night Halal cart.

Guian Bolisay /CC BY-SA http://2.0 / Via Flickr: instantvantage

Extra hot sauce, please!

13. Your heart skips a beat every time you hear how little your friends back home pay for rent.

Wait, are you forgetting a zero?

14. You almost always have a pair of walking shoes stashed in your bag.

Lynch/Frost Productions / Twin Peaks / Via twinpeaksgifs.tumblr.com

Because your feet only live once.

15. And you definitely know how to get a cab's attention.

Be on the lookout for Nissan's Taxi of Tomorrow.

With more rear space, easier payment options, and a cleaner, quieter ride, this taxi is designed for New Yorkers.

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