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An Open Letter To NYC

Love to love to love ya (love ya). Hey, thanks for the all good, the bad, and the ugly. You've made us #nytough.

17 Things New Yorkers Ain't Got Time For

New Yorkers are constantly rushing around the city. Finding the time to clean up everyday messes in a pinch is tough. Let Bounty and Dawn clean up whatever messes the city dishes out, so you have more time to hurry to your next task. #NYTough.

23 Skills Only New Yorkers Have

In a city where black is always the new black, it takes a certain level of skill to stay confident and keep your head held high. Head & Shoulders is tough enough to help New Yorkers keep it all together. #NYtough.

How NY Tough Are You Actually?

Are you tough enough for NYC? For those everyday #NYTough situations, Bounty, Tide, Dawn, Secret, Crest, Head & Shoulders, and Febreze are tough enough to help New Yorkers thrive in the city.

15 Of The Toughest Decisions Every New Yorker Has Made

Gotta be on time for that 2 p.m. client meeting... Grab a quick slice downstairs orrr your fave spicy street meat?! Or, shoot, maybe be healthy with a salad? Ugh, making the right food decision is tough — Crest is tougher. #NYTough

21 Things That Inevitably Happen Once You Move To NYC

They happen to the best of us. Secret lets you embrace the city with fearless confidence. #NYTough.

13 Smells That Every New Yorker Is Way Too Familiar With

Are New Yorkers noseblind to their own city smells? Inconceivable! Hot smells in the city are tough. Febreze and Secret are tougher. #NYTough

20 Truths About Your First NYC Apartment

It’s hard to accept the shortcomings of the apartment you fell in love with and spent months trying to find. And it’s probably even tougher to keep it clean. But lucky for you, when your apartment woes are tough, Dawn, and Tide are tougher. #NYTough