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    We Got Transformed Into Superheroes And It Reaffirmed That We're Totally Badass

    "Bitch, stay away."

    A part of Ladylike's three-part superhero series, the women transformed into some of their favorite superheroes and it was inspiring as hell:

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    Kristin wasn't a huge fan of superhero movies growing up, but she was inspired by She-Hulks uniqueness and decided to transform into her.

    A huge fan of superhero movies, Jen decided to channel her mysterious side by transforming into Batwoman.

    Fred was drawn to Storm's "don't mess with me because I'm the closest thing to Mother Nature" attitude, so she decided to emulate that for her transformation.

    Devin was a huge fan of Jean Gray growing up and was super excited to execute her look.

    And Chantel was thrilled to transform into Wonder Women since she was the first superhero she could really relate to.

    While all the ladies agreed that superhero films were great, they also felt like they weren't represented in them and were excited to see their final results.

    So the ladies got into their hair and makeup...

    ...and were shocked by their final results.

    Devin was into her spandex and long hair.

    Like what in the world!? Marvel needs to cast Devin for the next X-Men!

    Kristin felt great about her transformation and was able to appreciate parts of her body that she wasn't as confident about before.

    Look how great she looked!

    Jen perfectly embodied Batwoman:

    Slay, Jen.

    Chantel realized why Gal Godot walked through every war scene like she knew she was about to kick someone's butt.

    Look at that armor y'all.

    Meanwhile, Fred was able to channel her icy side, a feeling she had never felt. She was concerned that she didn't exhibit that through her photos.

    But she definitely did:

    And at the end, all of these transformations reminded the ladies why representation in media matters.

    Stay tuned though, because as the Ladylike women continue their three-part superhero series. It only gets better.