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    The Daily Show And Colbert Report Twitter Accounts Hacked By Anonymous Sympathizers (UPDATED)

    Tweets from the widely followed accounts that appeared on Sunday evening suggest a connection to Anonymous. Unfortunately, the hackers' tweets were far, far less interesting than the usual fare from either show.

    Update (8:22p): These tweets were deleted shortly after this item was posted.

    Update (8:25p): Later Sunday evening, the hacker and The Daily Show staff appeared to be sharing control of the @thedailyshow account.

    Update (8:30p): The hacker clarifies his or her affiliation.

    Update (8:45p): Yahel Carmon notes, "looks like the daily show folks failed to deauthorize Hootsuite; changing your password isn't enough." The hacker's tweets appear to be posted via HootSuite (see 8:30p update), while legitimate posts are posted via web (see above).