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    24 Products For Anyone Who's Tired Of Being An Adult

    Because sometimes, you just need to let loose and learn to be a kid again.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI β€” prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A darling little cactus lip balm because makeup and skincare should be playful dammit. This uses coconut and sweet almond oils, and vitamin E to nourish chapped lips. It also smells citrusy (read: yummy) so don't like, bite it or anything.

    2. The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse, a poignantly beautiful book that explores unlikely friendship and life’s universal lessons, and reminds you to be kind to yourself and have hope β€” something a lot of us lose as we get older. The story is handwritten and features over 100 sweet drawings!

    3. A sticker of this very supportive cat who will cheer you on because we know adulting is hard! You go!

    4. A pack of Shakespearean insult bandages, because regular bandages are so boring. It's time to step up your bandage game level ye high! πŸ™Œ

    5. A super cool 3D mold tray for skull-shaped ice cubes because regular ol' square ones have absolutely no personality, just like most adults you know.

    6. An amazing lightsaber umbrella with an LED shaft in the color of your choice and a flashlight at the bottom. Remember splashing in puddles as a kid? Well now, you can splash in puddles and make everyone jealous with this awesome umbrella.

    7. A little cactus candle because it's so adorable and the regular candles your adult friends have are just so...bland. This one's playful and you can get your succulent fix and candle fix in one.

    8. A pack of three clear lip glosses that come in mint oil, coconut oil, and rosehip oil for perpetually glowy, moisturized lips. Lip gloss isn't just for middle schoolers anymore 😀!

    9. A Mad Hatter-themed bath bomb for a wonderfully mad bath! What better way to be a kid again than to take a page (or a bath bomb, heh) out of your fave children's book and make your whole bath look like it came right out of Alice in Wonderland? Why, color me purple!

    10. A fun cartoon cat eye mask to make your inner child happy even during bedtime. Face it, these are so much better than the plain black ones adults use, aren't they?

    11. The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook because you're tired of cooking ~adult~ lunches and you need to satisfy your craving for cauldron cakes and treacle tarts.

    12. A Baby Yoda puzzle that'll just have you cooing and awww-ing all the time. Don't you miss doing puzzles as a kid? Don't ya?!

    13. A squishy night light that you don't even care if your adult friends will judge you for β€” just look at it! With seven colors and light modes with but a tap and that cute little face, this is hundred times better than those "sophisticated" and "elegant" night lights marketed to adults.

    14. A pack of food spikes for indoor plants because you know what? You're tired of trying to adult and take care of houseplants like adults do and you just don't have the green thumb for it. Enter: these food spikes that'll feed and grow your plants with no other work on your part!

    15. A yummy Cadbury box of full-sized British chocolate bars if you're tired of regular ol' chocolate and you're ready to awaken your inner child and make your sweet tooth happy with something new.

    16. A tiny cast-iron skillet reminiscent of the ones you used to play with β€” except this one is real and can cook a killer fried egg and make all the desserts you loved when you were little, like cookies and brownies (top with ice cream for the ultimate experience). That's much better than bougie red-velvet waffles.

    17. A cloud magnetic key holder if you're tired of tossing your keys into a catchall dish because that's what every other adult is supposed to do. This is a much more creative way to ensure you never forget your keys!

    18. Flexible foam curling rods because you're tired of waking up early every morning to curl your hair just so you can look presentable. Pop these in overnight, have fun with how funky you look, and wake up to those same voluminous curls.

    19. A meme-y enamel pin to remind you that even though you may feel like your years of youth are far behind you, it is fine. It is okay. Right. Right?

    20. Sriracha packets to spice up your meals the fun (read: right) way wherever you are. So next time you're at dinner and everyone else reaches for boring old hot sauce because that's more "adult," these lil guys will have your back (er, your meal's back?).

    21. An egg bun makeup sponge since it's much more fun to have a makeup sponge with a face than those basic faceless ones adults use all the time.

    22. A mystery box of cat hats for your kitty friends because it's time to get your pets in on this too! Adulting is boring and it's time to spice things up for both you and your cat.

    23. An appropriately themed journal for whenever you feel vexed with work so you have a place to put down all your frustrations β€” now, while everyone else is being passive-aggressive, you have a healthy outlet. You should've never given up journaling as a kid! What were you thinking?

    24. An adorable Totoro figurine to keep on your desk so you smile every time you see it. Plus, it'll remind you of your favorite Studio Ghibli films that you'll then want to rush home and watch instead of the new (boring) three-hour drama your adult friends are planning to see.

    You ready to jump in puddles, enjoy the rain, and awaken your inner child again:

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