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The Best Thing To Ever Happen On A Dating App

Tinder, Hinge, Coffee Meets Bagel, Grindr, PlentyofFish and Jswipe- What do they all have in common? Everyone is trying to get it in. In today's day in age, technology has caused romance to become more casual, but not for Jeffrey. He maintains perfect chivalry. We have all heard of dating app nightmares, but how about an app conversation turning into a poetry battle? Read on if you're interested in sweet rhymes and an unexpected plot twist.

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Like any respectable and mentally stable woman in today's society would do, our poetic princess went ahead and conducted some online stalking. After various hours of binge watching Catfish and successfully utilizing the google image search tool, it was made clear that Jeffrey was nothing but a....FAKE.



For those of you who haven't recognized who Jeffrey is just yet, his name is actually Keith Yandle aka an NHL New York City Rangers player. Yeah okay so poetic princess didn't recognize him at first, but whatever, that's besides the point.

After the message was sent, our dear friend Jeffrey either de-friended the poetic princess or deleted his account. We aren't sure who he is or what would have happened if they met, BUT there's no doubt that the interaction was well worth this epic conversation to show. Did Jeff want to murder the poetic princess? The world will never know.

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