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  • The Best Thing To Ever Happen On A Dating App

    Tinder, Hinge, Coffee Meets Bagel, Grindr, PlentyofFish and Jswipe- What do they all have in common? Everyone is trying to get it in. In today’s day in age, technology has caused romance to become more casual, but not for Jeffrey. He maintains perfect chivalry. We have all heard of dating app nightmares, but how about an app conversation turning into a poetry battle? Read on if you’re interested in sweet rhymes and an unexpected plot twist.

  • This Girls Snap Chat Game Is STILL On Point

    After graduating from the University of Florida you would think that D-Snap would have gotten a job by now. No, instead she keeps herself busy doing what she does best. Lets take a look into the life of a snap chat addict and see where life has taken her. Someone needs to come up with a rehab program ASAP. This is serious

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