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27 Urinals That Will Help You Forget How Awkward Peeing Is

This will a-pee-se you... a-PEE-se you...

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1. These urinals made out of leftover beer kegs:

2. This urinal at the Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas:

3. Soccer urinal:

Or Football. Whatever.

Or Football. Whatever.

4. This flush handle:

5. The place that thought they should put up a sign on this Dyson hand dryer:

6. This urinal where you can gaze into the beautiful eyes of your fellow pee-er:

7. This urinal that has a glass splash guard at the bottom:

8. This urinal with the ultimate splash guard:

9. These... water jug urinals:

10. This urinal with masterpiece artwork:

11. This urinal with a breeze:

12. The most private urinal ever:

13. This urinal equipped with digital entertainment:

14. This statue of a dude doing his... um... ~wild thang~:

15. This sink -> urinal -> drain thingy:

16. This laughing urinal:

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!" – Urinal

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!" – Urinal

17. This urinal that prevents people from peeing on the floor:

18. This urinal made for a 16-bit wiz:

19. This clever sign:

20. This urinal that hasn't worked in forever:

21. This lovely Japanese urinal ettiquette illustration:

22. This dude:

23. This restroom in Germany where they sort out urinal users by their alcohol intake:

Organization. It's important.
Creative Commons/ Flickr: doctorow

Organization. It's important.

24. This... meter:

25. This urinal that's all decked out:

26. This restroom that provides headrests for those having a long pee:

27. And finally, this deep philosophical sign that will drastically improve every man's life:

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