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15 Things Around The World That Will Make You Say "That's Interesting AF"

The world is filled with crazy stuff.

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3. This "toad tunnel" in Davis, California, that cost $14,000 to build and allows frogs to cross a road without injury.

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The tunnel also comes with a miniature town full of small buildings. And although its called the Davis Toad Tunnel, the tunnel actually serves frogs.


4. There is a retro Coke machine in Capitol Hill, Seattle that spits out "mystery" cans of soda for 75 cents. It's been there for over three decades, but no one knows who owns it or who stocks it.

oliver.chen / Via

According to a city spokesperson, "there are no permits on file for the machine." The mystery Coke machine also has a Facebook page.

6. After a property dispute between the City of New York and the David Hess estate, and a minor surveying error, a small triangle on the sidewalk was all that remained of the Hess estate.,

In 1910, the City of New York took over and demolished several properties in Greenwich Village, in order to widen 7th Avenue and make room for a subway expansion. In 1922, the descendants of the Hess estate noticed a surveying error that granted them a very tiny 27½" x 27½" x 25½" triangle. So, they erected a small mosaic on the tiny land that reads, "PROPERTY OF THE HESS ESTATE WHICH HAS NEVER BEEN DEDICATED FOR PUBLIC PURPOSES."

Despite the city urging them to donate the tiny land, they refused. It's still there today.

7. There was a cafe in Spain where you could experience a 7.8 earthquake while enjoying your meal. It was called Disaster Cafe. I mean...just watch:

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The Disaster Cafe is now closed.


8. In Salt Lake City, Utah, there is a tombstone belonging to one Lilly E. Gray who died on November 14, 1958. The inscription on the tombstone reads: "VICTIM OF THE BEAST 666."

conniemunster / Via

While the story of Lilly E. Gray has some explanation, "BEAST 666" is very much unexplained.

10. There are secret poems written on sidewalks in Boston, that can only be seen when it rains or when liquid is poured on the lettering.

Facebook: video.php

The art project was a collaboration between the City of Boston and arts non-profit Mass Poetry.

11. This mundane place in Salt Lake City might not look like much but it's actually THE WORLD FAMOUS USPS Remote Encoding Facility aka the place where all the mail with terrible handwritten addresses goes to.!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s4JMR1zJabn_vvex3P6TQxQ!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

That's right. If you don't have good handwriting, your mail is bound to make it here. This is the only facility of its kind in the United States, where people work day and night to decipher your shitty handwriting.


12. The Orbital Sciences Corporation, a rocket manufacturer in Dulles, Virginia, successfully lobbied to change the name of the street going to their headquarters to "Warp Drive."

kimmiegibbler26 / Via

The team of nerds managed to pay homage to Star Trek officially, for the low cost of $500 (cost of the sign).

13. Two artists created "The Harmonic Bridge" in North Adams, Massachusetts, which is comprised of microphones capturing car and foot traffic under a highway overpass, and playing the sounds out of two concrete-encased speakers. What you hear is the city playing a creepy droning sound:

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14. In Tokyo, you can see the head of Godzilla on top of the Toho Building in the Shinjuku Ward. The head towers over the city at 40-feet tall, with glowing red eyes and claws, and occasionally roars every few minutes.

15. And finally, this village in Japan where after a resident dies or moves away, they're replaced with a life-sized doll replica.

The dolls in Nagoro Village are the work of Japanese artist Ayano Tsukimi, who had moved back to her birth village, only to find that many of the residents were leaving or dying. She first started with creating a doll of her deceased father, then slowly expanded to include other residents.