19 Signs You’re Seriously Over This Generation’s Pop Culture


1. You can’t stand the sight of another Beyoncé photo.

2. You automatically defriend anyone who says they LOOOOOVE the Kardashians.


Why is this a thing? Why? WHHHHHYYYYY?!

3. You find yourself listening to ’80s and ’90s music because it reminds you of a time when you actually liked things.

20th Century Fox

4. You want to gouge your eyes out when you see a movie poster that’s a sequel, prequel, or spin-off.

Universal Pictures

5. You stopped watching The Discovery Channel because they stopped airing interesting documentaries about African wildlife.

Discovery Channel

6. You quit Instagram because of people who have an obnoxious obsession with selfies.

7. You quit Twitter because of the goddamn #hashtags.


8. You punch a wall whenever you see an inspirational quote that was done on InstaText.

No shit.

9. You quit talking to friends who obsess over Friends.

Warner Bros.

10. Your brain hurts when you listen to contemporary hip-hop.

I don’t know what I’m listening to, but I need to leave the room and take some aspirin.

11. Your ears bleed when you listen to contemporary pop music.

What is that really annoying sound coming from downstairs? Is that the Taylor Swift?

12. You scream at the super energetic fans in the pit section of an MTV awards show… through your TV.



13. Your left eye twitches when your friends start quoting Mean Girls.


14. You take one look at anything on The Disney Channel and you throw up a little.

New Line Cinema

15. You tune out the moment someone introduces the word “housewives” into the conversation.


16. You watch marathons of old TV shows because you can’t stand to watch anything that’s on right now.


17. Your acid reflux starts acting up when you hear the newest teen catchphrase that makes absolutely no sense.

18. You stopped going to the movies because everything you watch is pretty much shit.

19. You pull your hair out when you see a band name that thinks they’re “quirky.”

If you’re all too familiar with these things, then you’re probably a hater.


That’s right. A HATER.

Comedy Central

Everybody in this world has a job. Some people love. Others hate. One cannot exist without the other. So if you’re a hater, be a proud hater.



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