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13 Selena Songs That Do Not Get Enough Love

We all remember her classics, but these are also masterpieces in their own right.

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1. “Donde Quiera Que Estés” ft. Barrio Boyzz

EMI Latin

Best lyric: "Y mis paredes gritan por tu amor/ Enloqueciéndome/ Tu imagen vive en mi habitación/ Amándome, sonriéndome, extrañandote..."

This song will take you back to the early days of your childhood. It's got a nice early-'90s sound that will make you wanna put on your Nikes and your baggy jorts and dance the night away. Also, we got the magic of Barrio Boyzz, one of the first boy bands to hit the scene before N'SYNC and Backstreet Boys were a thing.

2. "Where Did The Feeling Go?"

Best lyric: "Where is the feeling we used to know? / Where is the music that played? / What happened to the love that used to show? / Where did the feeling go?"

This just one of those sweet love ballads that perfectly captures the sadness of fading love. It's a song that's reminiscent of Whitney Houston in her prime. It's also the last song in Selena – the one that plays in the closing credits. Grab some tissues because this song will hit you right in the feels.

3. "Only Love"

Best lyric: "Only love could make me turn around, and make these tears come tumbling down."

When it comes to Selena singing a ballad, it doesn't matter what language it's in, she had the artistic ability to convey happiness and sorrow in a single note. This song was recorded back in 1989, and released in 1996 for Selena Siempre – her tribute album. Don't believe in love? Just listen to this.

4. "Buenos Amigos"

Best lyric: "Que a veces siento que me estoy enamorando/ Pero despierto/ Y me detengo/ En ves de entrar en un error/ Pues vale mas un buen amigo/ Que un mal amor..."

Selena recorded this beautiful duet with Álvaro Torres – the legendary Salvadoran crooner. While this song was featured on Torres' album Nada Se Compara Contigo, it elevated Selena to prominence, and made her "a household name among Latinos in the United States." This song speaks to those men and women who've ever found themselves in the "friend zone." Sometimes, having a good friend is better than having a bad romance.


5. "Enamorada de Ti" (Live version)

Best lyric: "Sin tu amor/ Soy como el sol sin su calor/ Si no estás/ Todo está muy triste y no tiene valor..."

When Selena started to do songs outside the cumbia and tejano genres, she went the route of pop songs with hip hop and R&B influences. "Enamorada de Ti" is SUCH a throwback '90s song, you'll want to put on a pair of FUBUs and some pastel colored windbreakers. So play this song, and CUT. THAT. RUG.

6. "Ya No"

Best lyric: "Ya supe todo/ Y ya puedes marcharte/ Esto ya es mucho/ Y no puedo perdonarte/ Véte con ella o quien sea/ No me importa/ Ya no vuelvas más aquí/ Ya no, ya no..."

While this song became a hit in 2010 thanks to Dulce Maria of Rebelde fame, the original was sung by Selena in 1994, co-written by her husband Chris Peréz. Here, Selena takes a swing at pop rock and it works. While ballads are her thing, this song proved she could pretty much sing in any genre and ~rock~ it.

7. "Tu, Solo Tu"

Best lyric: "Mira como ando mi amor/ Por tu querer/ Borracha y apasionada/ Nomas por tu amor..."

A ranchera song is the true test for any great singer. It strips the artist of all the superficial flash and style, leaving them with their vocal chords as their only tool. This ranchera showcased just how strong and beautiful Selena's voice actually sounds. The vibrato, the pitch, the feeling behind every note – it's a work of art. And more importantly, Selena made it her own.

8. "Disco Medley"

Memorable moment: "HOW YOU DOIN' HOUSTON, TEXAS!"

This live performance is pretty jaw-dropping. While many remember JLo's performance (using Selena's voice) of this medley in the movie, the longer version is even more astounding. She's not just covering classic disco songs. You can actually hear her relishing the performance, finally singing the songs from her childhood in front of thousands.


9. "Feelings"

Best lyric: "Teardrops rolling down on my face/ Trying to forget my feelings of love..."

This song only needed two things: A guitar and 7-year-old Selena's voice. It's so hauntingly beautiful and moving, and it shows that even at such an early age, Selena had the "IT" factor of a legendary singer.

10. "Siempre Hace Frio"

Best lyric: "Adone estas, adone estas/ Matame cielo/ tragame tierra/ Quiero morirme si no vuelve mas..."

This is a harrowing ranchera that will make you pop open a bottle of mezcal and drink to the wee hours of the night, thinking about that one person who broke your heart. In this song, In this song, Selena doesn’t sing, she cries. It's so sad it'll form a knot in your throat. When it comes to songs that'll make you cry, this song stacks up against the great rancheras of Pedro Infante and Vicente Fernandez.

11. "El Toro Relajo" with Mariachi Sol de Mexico

Best lyric: "Que ya le quite, a ese toro, mi vida/ Lo mitotero/ Ahi va como borreguito, chatita/ A su potrero..."

It's like someone said, "Hey... let's give Selena (whose first language in NOT Spanish) a REALLY difficult, fast-paced Mexican folk song, that's not at all her style, and see if she can pull it off!" She did and it's spectacular. Seriously, she could do A.N.Y.T.H.I.N.G.

12. Juana La Cubana


Best lyric: "Porque bailando tu eres reina donde quiera/ Con esa gracia con que mueves tus caderas..."

So, if you've ever been to a Quinceañera, a wedding, a baptism, or any family gathering where cumbia was playing, you've probably heard "Juana La Cubana." Give it a listen, and you'll know EXACTLY what I'm talking about. Here, Selena y Los Dinos take this classic gem of a song and make it their own in a live performance.


13. Tu No Sabes

Via Facebook: LoveSelenaOfficial

Best lyric: "Pero yo no se/ Que voy hacer contigo corazon/ Hoy sigo en canedada amor/ En las jaulas de tu cariño..."

When Selena sang "Tu No Sabes," she was a mere16-years-old, sporting short puffy '80s hair, and a pastel-colored sweater (probably). This song is a nostalgia bomb that will take you back to your parents' time when things were "simpler." The synthesizers give the song an innocent childlike quality, like something out of Carrusel, the telenovela. It'll make you want to go get some cotton candy and run around in the park like a kid.

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