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    19 Times Mister Rogers Proved He Could Do Anything

    The most interesting man in the neighborhood.

    1. Mister Rogers taught us that you don't build a manly physique overnight.

    2. Look at that incredible underhand shot. Homie was a baller.

    3. Ice-skating legend Peggy Fleming pales to Mr. Rogers' technical prowess in the ice rink.

    4. Dude went snorkeling like he was Aquaman.

    And he liked kickin' it with his fish.

    5. He could have fun on a see-saw all by himself.

    6. He was secretly a martial arts master.

    7. Mister Rogers also knew how to work the dance floor.

    When you're feeling angry, just breakdance as hard as you can.

    Moonwalk those negative feelings away.

    8. He was a musical genius. Here he is playing a tuba.

    9. Look at him bang that gong.

    10. Play music with only tin cans and two pencils? Homie has done it.

    11. He was not afraid to get his hands dirty with a little manual labor.

    12. Look at him go to work on that sink.

    13. He got the cast of STOMP to help him sweep the house.

    14. Here he is planting a tree.

    This man's gardening skills are impeccable. He is indeed planting an orange tree inside of a small flower pot.

    15. He squeezed orange juice with his own brawny hands.

    16. He had an affinity for exotic foods.

    17. This man could hold his own in the face of death. Like the time he found a dead goldfish in his aquarium.

    He sprung into action and did everything he could to revive it.

    But it was of no use, so he gave it a proper burial.

    18. This video of Mr. Rogers chillin' with Koko might be the most badass/adorable thing you'll ever see.

    View this video on YouTube


    19. He even knew how to pick out an awesome man-cave.

    This man was so friggin' awesome and he knew it.