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This Theory About The Drought In "The Lion King" Will Blow Your Mind

Reddit user OstrichMadeofClay has come up with a ridiculous but totally genius theory that involves Mufasa.

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The thing is — now, hear me out — Mufasa, upon his death, was made into a demigod and acquired supernatural powers that allowed him to control the clouds, like Storm from X-Men.

The scene where he appears before Simba is more than enough proof of Mufasa's supernatural powers. Just look at how he shifted those clouds to form an image of himself:

So why does this matter? While Simba was away singing "Hakuna Matata," we return to see how Pride Rock is doing under the Scar administration. Out of nowhere, there is a drought.


Why would Mufasa cause a drought in Pride Rock? To cause serious friction between the lions and the Scar administration.

The Mufasa drought also forces Nala to search for food outside of Pride Rock, where she (surprise, surprise) stumbles upon a grown-up Simba.

It's at this moment that we see Mufasa's drought plan pay off. The lions, fed up with their "leader's" total mishandling of the drought, revolt against Scar and fight alongside Simba.


It's only after Simba feeds Scar to the hyenas (resulting in a horrific off-camera death) that we finally see rain descend upon Pride Rock.

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