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This Artist Re-Imagined "Dragon Ball Z" Characters As Pulp Novel Covers

I'm just Saiyan... this artwork deserves SEVEN STARS.

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So, we all know Androids 17 and 18 from Dragon Ball Z right?


For those who don't know, they were created by the nefarious Dr. Gero from the Red Ribbon patrol with the intention of conquering earth. Instead, they killed their creator and set off to destroy the planet...for fun. Essentially, they're scary, villainous badasses.

Artist Ástor Alexander took moments from the saga and created four unique posters in the style of pulp fiction novels.

Ástor Alexander / Via

"[When] Dragon Ball Z came out when I was probably 8 or 9, and that was my favorite cartoon for the following couple years." Alexander tells BuzzFeed.

"I chose the Android Saga because it is the one most similar to American pulp science fiction. It even has a femme fatale."

Ástor Alexander / Via

Take note of the "skinless" arms and the Capsule Corp. headquarters in the back.

Alexander used a program called Sweet Home 3D, a free interior design application, to create the posters. He took photos for references and then painted them in Photoshop.

You can follow Ástor Alexander on Twitter @astoralexander and buy his artwork here.

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