44 Things All Mexicans Know To Be True

Chilaquiles, Pedro Infante, and La Lotería are just a few.

1. Lotería was the game to play before you even heard of “Bingo.”

2. Telenovelas will forever be a staple of Spanish-language television.


You may not like them but your tias do.

3. Mexico is a hotbed of cinematic excellence.

Getty Images

Alfonso Cuaron most recently won a Best Director Oscar for a little film called Gravity. NBD.

4. Maria Felix is the most beautiful woman in history.

Those eyes, those lips, that voice. What’s not to love about the queen of the “Golden Era” of Mexican cinema?

5. Pedro Infante will always be the best of Los Tres Gallos.

Jorge Negrete and Javier Solis were still great though.

6. And seriously, you’ll never forget this classic scene that defined Mexican cinema.

From the legendary blue-collar film Ustedes Los Ricos where Pedro Infante loses his son in a fire. ::sniff::

7. Nobody talked faster, wittier, and funnier than Mario Moreno “Cantinflas.”

Charlie Chaplin even named him his favorite comedian.

8. Yes, you know your TV is permanently glued to Televisa and TV Azteca.


But alternatives exist as well.

9. You can’t help but feel like a kid all over again when Xavier López Rodríguez speaks in his Chabelo voice.

But seriously, that voice.

10. Chespirito’s characters will always take you back to your childhood no matter how old you are.


11. The song El Raton Vaquero by Cri Cri was the first time you heard someone speak English.

12. La Virgen de Guadalupe is probably the most important religious icon in Mexico.

Your mom will always remind you to cross yourself.

13. Your grandma will always remind you of the time she took the pilgrimage to La Basilica de Guadalupe.

And always shame you into going the following year.

14. You’ll always remember where you were when Paco Stanley got shot.

15. The death of Selena will always make you cry.

The whole world cried.

16. Luis Donaldo Colosio was Mexico’s JFK.

The raw video of his assassination is unforgettable as they replayed it on TV for days on end in 1994. If you don’t know about it, ask your parents.

17. A dance party isn’t a dance party without Los Angeles Azules.

18. You’ll shiver at the sight of one of these three items.

19. Jingling bells means El Paletero has arrived to save the day.

20. If you had a birthday cake, you knew what was coming next.

21. You develop a sense of rhythm practically at birth.

22. Otro Rollo was the original late night talk show.

23. Whistling at people is a totally acceptable way to get their attention.

24. But this hand gesture is not acceptable.


25. Edgar’s misstep will always make you laugh no matter how messed up it is.


26. Who can forget about El Dueño de la Canaca?

27. And the power of the “iFUAAAAA!”?

28. Unfortunate but true: La mordida.

Or, “the bite.” When a cop stops you for no reason and expects you to pay up. IT HAPPENS.

29. It’s totally acceptable to break out into a ranchera song when you’re drunk.

Actually, this is true everywhere.

30. The high flying people of Papantla will always make your palms sweaty.

A tradition that began with the Nahua, Huastec, and Otomi peoples in Central Mexico. Now made famous by Los Voladores de Papantla.

31. Mexicans know how to take fireworks to the next level.

32. Torta de tamal will cure your hangover.

This is exactly what is sounds like. A tamale inside a torta. Win.

33. And so will menudo.

Beef tripe in a spicy, garlicky broth with cilantro, onions, and other good stuff.

34. Oaxaca and Puebla will always battle it out for the best mole sauce in the world!

What is mole? It’s a concoction of several different ingredients that could include peanuts, pine nuts, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, squash seeds, cilantro, seedless grapes, plantains, garlic, onion, cinnamon, chocolate, chili peppers like ancho, pasilla, mulato and chipotle. Not all are made the same, but they’re all delicious.

35. Chilaquiles are the ultimate breakfast of champions.

Fried tortilla chips soaked in salsa verde topped with two eggs overeasy. Unhealthy? Yes. Delicious? You know it.

36. Tacos de suadero will always be amazing.

Pedro Sanchez/ globetrotterstalk.com

Don’t ask for asada. Ask for suadero.

37. Siempre en Domingo on Sunday nights seemed to go on forever.

38. La Seleccion will forever be there to lift your spirits or break your heart.

France ‘98… sigh…

39. A little Mexican ingenuity goes a long way.

Back in 1998, the whole world was trying to do La Cuauhtemiña.

40. El Super Classico will always break up families and friendships.

It’s America or Chivas. You must choose wisely. There’s no switching.

41. But Tigres vs. Monterrey will forever be el Clásico Regiomontano.

A rivalry based in the northern part of Mexico.

42. José Ramón Fernández is the most respected sports journalist in Mexico.

Even though he hates America (the Mexican team, not the country).

43. Lucha Libre will always remain classy.


Be proud.


Number 30 has been changed to better represent my people. Thanks, Lailan!

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