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These Are The Greatest Selena Quintanilla Halloween Costumes Of 2016

Latina queens everywhere.

1. This beautiful attire that would make Selena proud:

__cha_cha / Via

2. These adorable outfits of a Latina Disney princess and a Queen:

3. This costumes that's more beautiful than a flor:

reyestwins101 / Via

4. This combo that's so good you'll lose a bumper:

5. This outfit that's almost too perfect:


7. This marvelous outfit:

amandaschoice / Via

8. This family that's too cute:

9. This charming outfit that'll make you smile:

10. This costume made for a queen:

jaidarodriguez / Via

11. This preciosidad:

12. This captivating look:

camillelegaspi / Via

13. This cute Houston Astrodome homage:

14. This amazing 50-cent outfit...literally:

dollnextdoor_ / Via

15. This dazzling duo:

16. The greatest use of the color red:

reinaselena / Via

17. This costume that's quite splendid:

18. This truly magnificent costume:

lylacrown / Via

19. This cholo/Selena combo that's on point:

20. This fantastic star-studded disfras:

monroemontana510 / Via

21. This outfit that's worth two thumbs up:

22. This Tejana queen homage:

23. This award-winning duo:

24. This perfect white outfit:

mandyglamour / Via

25. This heartwarming father/daughter combo:

26. This outfit that's made for a boss:

samaaa805 / Via

27. This costume that'll bring out the Texan inside:

marssalguero / Via

28. And finally, this costume that'll make your heart go "Bidi Bidi Bom Bom":