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WWE Superstar Seth Rollins Crashes "The Daily Show" And Challenges Jon Stewart

The "Money in the Bank" winner interrupted The Daily Show's "Moment of Zen" to issue a live challenge to Jon Stewart.

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On Thursday, WWE Superstar Seth Rollins interrupted The Daily Show's "Moment of Zen" to issue Jon Stewart a challenge.

The two have been having a feud over social media ever since Rollins took a verbal jab at the departing host on an episode of Monday Night Raw.

While it seemed that Rollins was only there via satellite...

Comedy Central

"Mr. Money in the Bank" actually showed up to confront Stewart in person.

Comedy Central

And he invited Stewart to show up on Monday Night Raw this upcoming Monday, which takes place in Newark at the Prudential Center.

And then, there was a delightful scuffle.

Comedy Central


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