This Guy Built The Greatest Cosplay Ever And It Will Make Your Day

    This thing is out of this world.

    You remember TARS, right? It's the robot from the 2014 film Interstellar that helps out Matthew McConaughey and his space crew throughout the film.

    Well, designer Ian Heath has created the perfect replica, based on the charismatic robot.

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    First, he built a wooden frame completely from scratch:

    He then covered the whole frame with thin sheet metal, spray-painting "TARS" on one of the sheets:

    Since he controlled TARS from the back, he put in a camera to help him see the front:

    And put in two iPads to stand in for TARS' "computer readouts":

    And two bars to ease maneuvering:

    And then, he showed it off to the world at the Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle:

    And people loved it:

    One thing is for sure: IT'S AWESOME!