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This Awesome "Howl's Moving Castle" Cosplay Outfit Will Blow Your Mind

BRB... Going to get my glue gun.

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The outfit cost Sonja roughly between $200-300.

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"It’s a base of chicken wire, 12-gauge wire, with a little bit of mattress pad foam, and then a TON of EVA craft foam," says Sonja. "The houses are made with foam poster board [...] I also used a bit of Apoxie sculpt on the church, and a lot of wood glue to fill in cracks. I bought a largest glue gun I could from the hardware store when I first started, and I’m proud to say I have worn it out."



Peter J. Verrant

"When I was adding the harness, the most important thing was for it to be balanced since it’s heavier in back. Adding the tongue and canisters of compressed air for smoke effects in front really helped it balance out."

"I just wanted to see it happen. I would day dream about the costume walking across stage," says Sonja.

"I decided to step out of my comfort zone and do something crazy that I hadn’t seen someone do before!"


Sonja first wore the outfit at the CONvergence convention in Bloomington, Minnesota., where she won the "Best Master" and "People's Choice" awards at their Masquerade costume contest.

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