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    This Awesome "Howl's Moving Castle" Cosplay Outfit Will Blow Your Mind

    BRB... Going to get my glue gun.

    Remember the iconic castle from the Hayao Miyazaki classic Howl's Moving Castle?

    Well, Sonja Cool from Hopkins, Minnesota made this awesome cosplay outfit based off the Studio Ghibli animated film.

    "I worked on the project from January 2014 and finished July 2015," Sonja tells BuzzFeed. "I took a lot of breaks throughout the process."

    The outfit cost Sonja roughly between $200-300.

    The whole outfit ended up weighing about 30 pounds.

    Sonja also added LED lights to each house.


    "I just wanted to see it happen. I would day dream about the costume walking across stage," says Sonja.

    "I decided to step out of my comfort zone and do something crazy that I hadn’t seen someone do before!"

    Sonja first wore the outfit at the CONvergence convention in Bloomington, Minnesota., where she won the "Best Master" and "People's Choice" awards at their Masquerade costume contest.

    Facebook: video.php

    Well done, Sonja Cool!

    You can check out more of Sonja Cool's work on her Tumblr, Facebook, and on Devianart.