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Goku From "Dragon Ball Z" Destroys "Street Fighter II" Characters In This Awesome Video


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YouTuber GamebillStudio has created an awesome video mashup that pits Goku from Dragon Ball Z against every character in Street Fighter II.

The video flawlessly blends Goku's move set with the 16-bit world of Street Fighter II.

According to a YouTube comment by GamebillStudio, fighting game engines Mugen and WinKawaks were used to transport Goku into Street Fighter II.

The video also acknowledges Goku's FAR superior strength, as he quickly decimates his opponents within seconds.

Poor Blanca gets viciously kicked off the continent and into the ocean.

The whole video is surreal, as this is the closest thing to a crossover between Street Fighter and Dragon Ball Z.

We also get a special appearance from the Flying Nimbus...

Goku turning Super Saiyan when he faces off versus Bison...

We see Chi Chi at the beginning and the end of the video...

And we see a last-minute appearance by Vegeta, who apparently crushes Akuma with his Saiyan Space Pod.

While the video is awesome, one can only hope that Capcom will consider a Street Fighter/Dragon Ball Z crossover fighting game in the future.

Seriously Capcom. Consider this. We have rolls of quarters ready to go.

Watch the whole video here:

View this video on YouTube

And don't forget to subscribe to GamebillStudio.

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