31 Thoughts I Had While Watching The First Episode Of "Dragon Ball Super"

    GOKU DRIVES A TRACTOR. Warning: Spoilers ahead.

    So, I watched the first episode of Dragon Ball Super, which premiered Sunday on Japanese television.

    Here are my thoughts...

    1. Hmmm... the opening song isn't bad. It's catchy but it doesn't hype me up like "We Gotta Power" or "Cha-La Head Cha-La."

    2. Oh man... a recap of the Majin Buu saga which was like 18 years ago. I'm getting all the feels.

    3. Goku is driving a tractor. REPEAT: GOKU IS DRIVING A TRACTOR!

    4. I feel ya Goku. This is the exact same face I made when I was working retail.

    5. Hey, it's Goten!

    6. It took just under four minutes for Goku to eat something. Possible record? Maybe.

    7. Goku turning Super Saiyan is always a thing of beauty.

    8. So, while Goku eats and trains, he lets Goten ride on the tractor, which he then drives over a cliff. I don't think this is said enough: Goku is a terrible parent.

    On the other hand, I'll give Goku the benefit of the doubt and say he trusts Goten to use his Super Saiyan ability to not die via a freak farming accident.

    9. Despite being the world's strongest warrior, Goku's wife Chi Chi keeps him in mad check.

    10. Yes, Goten. You are absolutely correct about this:

    11. Goku really sucks at normal life.

    12. What the hell is "arapurataneiz"?

    13. HOLY CRAP! Lord Beerus just destroyed half a planet because the "arapurataneiz" was greasy!

    14. It's official: Lord Beerus is based on Gordon Ramsay.

    15. Mr. Satan is a baller.

    16. Gohan looks hipster AF.

    17. Piccolo seems to agree with me.

    He appears for two seconds and all we see him do is grunt at Gohan. PERFECT.

    18. This is such an interesting way to have a conversation.

    19. Goten and Trunks go on an adventure to find... cosmetics... for Videl.

    20. Finally, Goten and Trunks have the first fight scene in the series... VERSUS A GIANT SNAKE!

    21. Goten is such a tease.

    22. This fight animation looks dope.

    23. Hmmm... the music is interesting.

    24. There needs to be a "Good Guy Mr. Satan" meme.

    25. What on earth is on the zeni?

    26. TBH... kinda creeped out.

    27. The only way to keep Chi Chi happy is to provide her with LOTS OF MONEY.

    28. But she'll spend all that money on her children's education which makes her the best parent ever.

    29. Master Roshi is still a goddamn perv.

    30. Chi Chi is seriously an underrated character.

    31. And finally, am I the only one who's always expecting the narrator for the English dub to interject in the end and be like, "FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS ON THE NEXT DRAGON BALL!"?