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    25 Couples Who Totally Dominated Cosplay At Anime Expo

    These people absolutely nailed it.

    1. These masks are LEGENDary.

    2. Jason (or Tommy) and Kimberly (or Kat). Either way you look at it, IT'S MORPHIN' TIME!

    3. You can't have Anime Expo without these two veterans: Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask.

    4. These two would make Miyazaki proud.

    5. Quintessential Reese and Cyrus cosplay brought to you by these awesome people.

    6. Props to these two for personifying what EVERYONE was thinking about Ryuko and Mako! Go you!

    7. There are not enough words to express how gorgeous these two look in those outfits.

    8. The epic badassery that is the Lagiacrus armor.

    9. These two are like two wonderful works of art. You can't help but admire the detail.

    10. These two prove why Miyazaki characters will ALWAYS be timeless.

    11. Tyrael and Imperious looking quite sharp.

    12. Ryuko and Satsuki chillin' like two homegirls who just finished beefing.

    13. OF COURSE! Only Deadpool can chill like that with Akuma.

    14. "HEY! LISTEN!"

    15. Here we have Jayce from League of Legends trying to charm his way into the heart of a sorceress.

    16. PURE. BADASS.

    17. This pink and red color combination between Madoka Kaname and Sakura Kinomoto is quite breathtaking.

    18. Prepare for trouble! Make it double!

    19. Ash and Pikachu look shockingly stunning together.

    20. Master Roshi with Bulma in a rare appearance outside of Kame House.

    21. Fortunately for everyone, Androids 17 & 18 were much calmer than usual.

    22. The awesomeness that is Black Butler is demonstrated by these two.

    23. Most adorable duo must go to these two who brought Homestuck from MS Paint to real life.

    24. Not too sure what's happening here but they're awesome.

    25. And finally, a set of little Mystiques. Not anime, but damn. If you don't think that's cute then YOU'RE not human.