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18 Things Every Mexican Knows To Be True During Christmastime


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1. Your mom will undoubtedly ask you to help make the buñuelos.

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Mom: iVamos a azotar la maza!

Me: iPero ama! I got a date!

Mom: iNo te pregunte si quieres!

2. Tamales. All the tamales will be there at the table.

The worst is when you bite into one thinking it's a dulce tamale, but you actually picked up the jalapeño and pork tamale.

3. Champurrado, too.

And you always drink it out of a white Styrofoam cup.


4. This abuelita will make an appearance.


7. Someone in your family (most likely your tia) will make some INSANE pozole.

Christmas dinner is literally the best part about being Mexican #poslechampurradoandtamales #mexicanchristmas

Jo Magdaleno@MaggiejoeyyFollow

Christmas dinner is literally the best part about being Mexican #poslechampurradoandtamales #mexicanchristmas

7:21 PM - 24 Dec 13ReplyRetweetFavorite

8. The nacimiento will be made entirely out of fake green hay, leftover Christmas lights, and toy animals:

Mexican nativity scene #mexicanfiesta #MexicanChristmas

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Mexican nativity scene #mexicanfiesta #MexicanChristmas

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9. When your mom forces you to go to midnight Mass on Christmas, you're like:

20th Century Fox

Let's be real: Why does it have to be at midnight? I'm pretty sure Jesus wouldn't mind us going to church at noon.

10. The heavenly glory of your tia's arroz con leche.

A once-a-year type of deal.

13. Somebody you know will be playing a part in the Santa Pastorela.

And they will be playing one of three iconic roles: Devil, Angel, or Pastor #3.


14. As a kid, writing a letter to Santa was cool, but you also looked forward to writing your letter to Los Reyes Magos.

And you stuff that letter into a shoe. It's also cool to know that the holiday season for your family doesn't end until Jan. 6.

16. As a kid, you were happy to get the little baby in the rosca because that meant you had a new toy.

Creative Commons/ Gerardo Porras/

As an adult, it means you gotta make tamales for EVERYONE on Feb. 2.

17. You will WITHOUT A DOUBT get candies in your colacion:

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Peanuts, animal crackers, these things, Pelon Pelo Rico, Mazapan, and if you were really lucky, you'd also get a Paleta Payaso.

18. And at some point during the night, someone will play this Jose Feliciano classic:

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