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14 Recommended Denim Brands For Tall Girls

"Their pants and jeans come in regular, tall, and taller!"

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We asked the tall girls of the BuzzFeed Community about their favorite places to shop. Here are their top picks for denim:


1. Old Navy

Sizes: 0 to 30

Why they're so great: "The waist is the biggest selling point for me — it's high and stretchy enough to fit my shape, but not granny-style — plus their long is the perfect length. I have to order online sometimes because they offer a wider variety, but in over a decade of wearing their jeans, I haven't found anything better." —Brittany Green-Miner, Facebook

Get the skinny jeans here and the flares here.

2. Torrid

Sizes: 10 to 30

Why they're so great: "They recently started carrying extra tall jeans, which is perfect (I'm 6'1, curvy, and need a 36" inseam). I try jeans on in store to make sure they fit well, then order the extra length instead of playing guessing games with fit when I buy online." —Stephanie Jelalian, Facebook

Get the skinny jeans here and the relaxed fit jeans here.

3. Aeropostale

Sizes: 000 to 18

Why they're so great: "I love these jeans because they come in long lengths, and they have a 'curve' fit for women like me who need a bit of stretch in the hips and thighs." —sheenab4fc4234e7

Get the skinny jeans here, and the bootcut pair here.

4. Lucky Brand

Sizes: 00 to 28

Why they're so great: "These are the only jeans that have ever fit me properly. I’m 5’10, and wear their 33" inseam. They’re expensive, but mine only started to wear after three years of me wearing them to school and everyday events, as well as to work on a farm and ride horses. They're totally worth the investment!" —morgank43ac07150

Get the bootcut jeans here, and the skinnies here.

5. Papaya

Sizes: 0 to 15

Why they're so great: "I’m 5’10”, and this is the only place I can find jeans that aren’t short on me. If you’ve never been there, you should definitely give it a go." —rubyd4077322ef

Get the flare jeans here, and the skinnies here.


9. American Eagle Outfitters

Sizes: 00 to 20

Why they're so great: "Most of their jeans come in regular, long, extra long! The extra long are only available online, but when I've walked into a store and asked, I've had them shipped to my home for free." —Maia Brundage, Facebook

Get the skinny jeans here, and the bootleg pair here.

10. Uniqlo

Sizes: 0 to 16

Why they're so great: "Their jeans are naturally made long, so they're a tall girl's dream come true! I'm 6' and they are basically the only jeans I buy now." —Marlene van Es, Facebook

Get the dark wash pair here, and the lighter wash here.


12. Buckle

Sizes: 00 to 20

Why they're so great: "They're pricier than what most would prefer to spend on jeans, but they last for years with almost daily wear. In-store, a tailor is available (included in the price of your jeans!), and they have discount punch cards for every $200 you spend." —sellstrom11

Get the bootcut jeans here, and the skinnies here.

13. Target

Sizes: 2 to 26

Why they're so great: "I'm 6' and have always struggled to find clothing that fits properly, but I love Target (the Denizen from Levi's brand, in particular). I can't afford $50+ on jeans, but these are affordable options for me that are comfortable and look good." —Alison Robertson Anderson, Facebook

Get the skinny jeans here, and the straight leg pair here.

Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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