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21 Recommended Clothing Brands For Tall Girls

"The first time I walked into one of these stores, I almost cried."

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We asked the tall girls of the BuzzFeed Community for their favorite places to buy clothes. Here are their top suggestions:

1. Long Tall Sally

Sizes: 4 to 24

Why it's so great: "I'm 6'2", and the first time I walked into one of these stores, I almost cried. I'd never realized how out of place I felt in other stores until I encountered one where things were designed especially for women like me!" —Amy Powell, Facebook

Get the jumpsuit here and the dress here.


3. Loft

Sizes: 00 to 18

Why it's so great: "Almost all my work clothes come from here. That little bit of extra fabric in the shoulders/arms the difference in the waist has made such a difference in how I look and feel in a suit jacket." —Deanna Starnes, Facebook

Get the blazer here and the pants here.


7. The Limited

Sizes: 0 to 18

Why it's so great: "I have a hard time finding nice pants for work, and theirs are the perfect length for my 34" inseam! The selection in store isn't as extensive, but online has everything, and they have good sales regularly." —Gwen Dailey, Facebook

Get the pants here and the dress here.

8. eShakti

Sizes: 0 to 36, with options to customize exact height (and other) measurements

Why it's so great: "You can add length to any dress. I'm pretty sure I'm going to buy my wedding dress from them!" —Jennifer Treutle, Facebook

Get the dress here, and the jumpsuit here.


13. Ellie Kai

Sizes: 00 to 16

Why it's so great: "They're a made-to-order clothing company that allows you to customize items in various ways, including length options! The clothes are well-made, and they practice responsible fabric sourcing and ethical manufacturing." —SarahD527

Get the dress here, and the skirt here.


14. New York & Company

Sizes: 0 to 20

Why it's so great: "I just discovered that they make many of their different pants styles in tall. It's such a life changer! I bought three pairs because they're so cute, comfy, affordable, and the right length." —Katie Erickson

Get the dress here and the pants here.

15. Boohoo

Sizes: 2 to 16

Why it's so great: "I’m 5’10”, and I bought a pair of pants from their Tall section that were too long. I’ve never had to get anything hemmed before! They’re always running 40% and 50% off deals, too." —c48b170a15

Get the dress here, and the flares here.

16. Express

Sizes: 0 to 18

Why it's so great: "All of my dress slacks are from here. I'm 5'10" and their pants are already on the long side, so sometimes their Talls are even too long for me! They're great quality too." —Christine Porter, Facebook

Get the blue pants here, and the gray ones here.


18. LuLaRoe

Sizes: 00 to 26

Why it's so great: "Their leggings aren't capris on me, their maxi skirts are actually maxi skirts, and their dresses are long enough that I don't feel inappropriate walking into work! Their tunics and other shirts are also longer than most — perfect for my long torso." —Katie Denney, Facebook

LuLaRoe doesn't sell online, but you can contact one of their local consultants here.


Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.