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    19 Little Things That Will Improve Your Life In 2017

    BuzzFeed readers share the small upgrades they're making this year.

    Charlotte Gomez / BuzzFeed

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community what small things they were doing to improve their lives in 2017. Here's what they had to say:

    1. Read when you can.

    julochka / Via Flickr: julochka

    "I travel a lot for work, and I’m shocked by how little I’ve read despite the dozens of books in my bookcase. I’ve decided to take better advantage of all of my time on planes, and read at least one book every two weeks." —myrandaw

    2. Take a step back from social media...


    "I suffer from severe anxiety that gives me chest pain on a daily basis, but after deleting the social media apps off of my phone on New Year's Day, my anxiety has been considerably lower. I’ve barely even checked my accounts since, and so far I haven't missed it." —shannac4d5985331

    3. ...but also, keep in better touch with the people you love.

    Jacob Ammentorp Lund / Getty Images

    "I will try to text my friends whenever I think about them. A simple 'Thinking about you, hope you’re doing fine' can make someone’s day." —GinnytheWeasley

    4. Quit skipping meals.

    Lauren Zaser / BuzzFeed

    "I used to eat a small breakfast, skip lunch, eat a sweet when I thought I was going to faint, feel guilty, and only pick at dinner. Now I eat three regular meals a day, which keeps my blood sugar stable, and I don’t beat myself up if I want a snack. The ritual of preparing and eating meals also helps me eat more mindfully." —study

    5. And juice! Juice! Juice!

    Shandi-lee Cox / Via Flickr: shandilee

    "I dug my juicer out of the closet and am now drinking fresh juice four or five times a week. I even bought bottles so I can make enough juice for the week all at once, and have a fresh glass every morning." —Stephanie Workman

    6. Sit back and just listen.


    "I'll be listening to what others have to say more, rather than worrying about what I'm going to say next." —ellenf4be211e41

    7. (Seriously, stop forcing it.)


    "I'm going to stop giving forced reactions in conversation. I've become so conditioned when talking to people to laugh at this point, gasp here, insert fake emotion there — it's so exhausting." —Felicia Peralez, Facebook

    8. Embrace the outdoors.

    ehpien / Via Flickr: 91499534@N00

    "I want to get outside more; maybe walk to the store, do homework at a picnic table in the park sometimes, take walks with an umbrella in the rain... just a little more exercise and clearing my head." —a4bdae6e64

    9. Spend what you must, but save when you can.

    Megan / Via Flickr: tofuttibreak

    "I'm only going to spend money when absolutely necessary (bills, grocery shopping, etc)." —danielleg43d0c3abf

    10. Flip the script.

    Comedy Central

    "Instead of apologizing all the time, I’ll give thanks. For instance, instead of saying 'Sorry to be such a bother,' I’ll say 'Thanks for helping out.' I’ll be giving gratitude instead of negativity." —celiacote

    11. Start a gratitude journal...

    Liderina / Getty Images

    "I'm changing my notoriously negative attitude. I’ve begun a journal with one great thing that happens to me every day, and I’ve found that no matter how bad the day, seeing that one happy thing in writing cancels out the shit." —lisad25

    12. ...or a bullet one.

    Rachel Miller / Ellie Sunakawa / BuzzFeed

    "Already I’ve gotten so much better at meal planning and tracking my bills. There’s something so satisfying about checking things off, and the customizable part of bullet journaling really appeals to my creative side." —v45be1af10

    13. Invest in some you time.

    DragonImages / Getty Images

    "My goal for this year is to show myself more love. I’m taking a sewing class and piano lessons because I’ve always wanted to, and I'm spending two whole days a month, by myself, doing whatever the hell I want — trying a new coffee shop, hanging out at the beach, binging Netflix, etc." —Kat Pinning

    14. Reset your alarm clock.

    Clint Gardner / Via Flickr: signifying

    "Waking up an hour earlier will help me be prepared for anything that comes my way through the day." —chelseeb2

    15. Build peace of mind into your routine.

    Luminastock / Getty Images

    "I'm practicing daily meditation (even if it just for five minutes) and yoga (even if it’s a quick sun salutation or some relaxing poses right before bed). It has definitely helped me with stress management." —e46b99dda3

    16. Practice letting the bullshit just ~roll off~.

    20th Century Fox

    "This year, I’ve decided to react less. I tend to let people get under my skin, and it does me no good to keep getting annoyed and upset. I want to stop worrying so much and learn to let the little things go." —SKipnees

    17. And talk to a mental health professional if possible (read up on non-cost-prohibitive options here).


    "I signed myself up for therapy!" —sonjak49f90af61

    18. Get real about exactly how to achieve your dreams.

    "By the taking necessary steps early on to accomplish my goals, I'm changing my attitude from 'This would be a nice thing to accomplish, if I tried,' to 'I can and I will.'" —glshorses

    19. And above all, be more mindful of what really matters.

    Geber86 / Getty Images

    "I want to live a simple life — to stop filling my home with pointless stuff or rushing through every event just to get to the next one, instead appreciate the small things like playing tag with my son, taking my dog for a long walk, or cooking a delicious meal." —staceyface80

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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