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19 Super Sweet Olympic Hugs That Will Make You Feel Things

I'm not crying, you're crying.

1. The Olympics are a place of fierce competition, but that doesn't mean they're lacking in love.

2. In fact, it seems like many athletes are just as skilled in hugs as they are in their chosen sports.

3. From this classic cuddle...

4. ... to this animated embrace...

5. ... everyone in Rio is getting their hug on.

6. Seriously. Everyone.

7. Teammates.

8. Competitors.

9. Coaches and the athletes they train.

10. And of course, total dream teams.

11. They're really going for it.

12. Palin' around shirt to shirt...

13. ... and skin to skin.

14. They're jumping into each other's arms...

15. ... and doing that shit from The Notebook.

16. They're even hugging the people who just beat them, because sportsmanship.

17. And why not? They're out here making history.

18. And besides, when it comes to the sport you've made your life...

19. ... the truth is, it's all love.

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