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Which Supporting TV Show Or Movie Character Do You Think Deserves A Spin-Off?

TBH I would watch a show about Creed from The Office ANY. DAY.

Alright guys, so I watch A TON of movies and TV, so naturally I have a lot of favorite characters that I wish I could see more of!


So, have you ever watched something and quickly realized that you actually liked a supporting character more than a main character?


Perhaps you binge-watched all of Grey's Anatomy only to realize you'd rather watch a spin-off featuring Miranda Bailey's time as an intern at Seattle Grace.


Maybe you're one of those fans that's still holding out hope for another Shrek movie about Donkey's life before he met Shrek.


Perhaps you quickly realized that Brooke Davis was your favorite part of One Tree Hill and you need her to have her own series ASAP.

The WB / The CW

Or maybe you just want an all-female Avengers movie because, frankly, it's what we all deserve!


Heck, maybe you want to watch a show chronicling Jean-Ralphio's life outside of the Parks Department on Parks and Rec because it would be hilarious.


So, tell us which TV and/or movie character you'd love to see have their own spin-off and WHY via the DropBox below, and you could be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post or video!