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Which Horror Movie Performance Was So Good, The Actor Definitely Should've Won An Oscar For It?

Justice for Emily Blunt in A Quiet Place.

I think it's safe to say one of the biggest movie genres that everyone, myself included, loves talking about is horror.

Daniel Kaluuya in Get Out

Not only are there so many great horror movies, but there are a lot of actors who have given awardworthy performances in them who deserve way more credit than they've gotten.

Maybe you're like me and you could give an entire TED Talk about how incredible Florence Pugh was as Dani in Midsommar and she easily could've been nominated for an Oscar for this AND Little Women in the same year.

Florence Pugh as Dani in Midsommar crying and wearing her flower outfit

Perhaps you still think it's absolutely wild more people weren't talking about how flawless Lupita Nyong'o was in Jordan Peele's Us, and you consider it her best performance to date.

Adelaide talking to Red for the first time in Us

Maybe even though the movie won five Academy Awards in 1991, you still believe it's a crime that Ted Levine didn't also get at least nominated for his work as Buffalo Bill in The Silence of the Lambs.

Clarice confronting Buffalo Bill in his house and asking him to put his hands up

Heck, perhaps you look back and firmly believe that the entire cast of It Chapter Two — both the kids and adults — deserved more love for the way they brought those iconic Stephen King characters to life.

Pennywise telling an older Richie, "Did you miss me, Richie? 'Cause I've missed you"

So tell us which horror movie performance you think deserved at least an awards nomination and WHY in the comments below, and you could be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post or video!