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31 Actors Whose Chemistry On A TV Show Was So Amazing, They Deserved An Award

"You're my favorite sound in the world. Of course I hear you."

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which TV characters had the best onscreen chemistry. Here are some of the best responses:

🚨Warning: There are massive spoilers ahead!🚨

1. Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe as Jamie and Claire on Outlander.


"They have, hands down, the most insane amount of onscreen chemistry. I have seen many shows with amazing lead couples, but these two really take the cake. It doesn't matter whether they are playing Jamie and Claire in their twenties or in their fifties, they bring the same amount of passion, love, and sizzle onscreen."


2. Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer as Eve and Villanelle on Killing Eve.

BBC America

"They’re barely in any scenes together throughout the series, but you can feel the tension nonetheless. And, when they are in a scene together, it's always FIRE!"


3. David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson as Mulder and Scully on The X-Files.


"Ships, shippers, and onscreen chemistry would not exist without Mulder and Scully. Their relationship was completely platonic, built off a partnership, a friendship, and eventually evolved into a deep intimacy that could not be duplicated no matter how hard other shows tried. It was so beautiful to see it all unfold."


4. Daisy Edgar-Jones and Paul Mescal as Marianne and Connell on Normal People.


"Their chemistry was so believable and the show overall was a masterpiece."


5. Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Andrew Scott as Fleabag and the Priest on Fleabag.

Amazon Prime Video

"Just perfectly exquisite, heartbreaking chemistry."


6. Harry Shum Jr. and Matthew Daddario as Magnus and Alec on Shadowhunters.


"Magnus and Alec will forever own my heart. I WEPT during their wedding scene."


7. Sterling K. Brown and Susan Kelechi Watson as Randall and Beth on This Is Us.


"Randall and Beth all the way."


8. Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey as Meredith and Derek on Grey's Anatomy.


"Definitely one of the best TV couples because of their chemistry."


9. Sarah Drew and Jesse Williams as April and Jackson on Grey's Anatomy.


"They had the best dynamic of best friends turned lovers on TV. They were total opposites, but they were always happiest when they were together."


10. Dan Levy and Noah Reid as David and Patrick on Schitt's Creek.

Pop / CBC

"I can’t believe that David and Patrick aren’t really together somewhere in the world. Every scene they had together had so much chemistry. Their wedding was so good!"


11. Bob Morley and Eliza Taylor as Bellamy and Clarke on The 100.

The CW

"From the very beginning their chemistry was insane, with some good rivalry added in. Then it developed into such a strong connection where in every scene you feel how much they mean to each other. There are so many moments where they don't even need to say a word, but you can see the conversations. Also, it doesn't hurt that the actors fell in love IRL."


12. Mindy Kaling and Chris Messina as Mindy and Danny on The Mindy Project.


"Damn that elevator scene between the two of them was next level."


13. Dylan O'Brien and Holland Roden as Stiles and Lydia on Teen Wolf.


"Stiles always paid attention to Lydia and cared about her even when she thought no one did. The chemistry between Dylan and Holland was always evident and so was the connection that they had."


14. Kristen Bell and William Jackson Harper as Eleanor and Chidi on The Good Place.


"They had undeniable chemistry from the very beginning, and it was a chemistry that only got stronger as the show progressed all the way to the final episode."


15. Zooey Deschanel and Jake Johnson as Nick and Jess on New Girl.


"Their chemistry was through the roof, so much that I actually cried and felt genuinely upset when they broke up around Cece's first wedding. I was too attached to their relationship because it was just so real!"


16. Arón Piper and Omar Ayuso as Ander and Omar on Elite.


"Their chemistry is incredible."


17. John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer as Jim and Pam on The Office.


"I mean, this is a no-brainer, but Jim and Pam will always be the most legendary couple in TV history."


18. Andy Samberg and Melissa Fumero as Jake and Amy on Brooklyn Nine-Nine.


"Andy Samberg and Melissa Fumero are so incredible, they deserve some hype for amazing chemistry."


19. Cameron Monaghan and Noel Fisher as Ian and Mickey on Shameless.


"They seem like they are truly in love and every time they kiss it's so intense."


20. Paul Wesley and Nina Dobrev as Stefan and Elena on The Vampire Diaries.

The CW

"From their first scene together, their chemistry was electric. Paul and Nina's chemistry was so incredible that they effectively portrayed three different couples who each had electric chemistry!"


21. Joseph Morgan and Candice King as Klaus and Caroline on The Vampire Diaries.

The CW

"They had a perfect enemies-to-lovers arc and their scenes together made the show. The rare times we saw Klaus actually showing kindness and compassion on TVD was with Caroline. They deserved better and they should have been endgame."


22. Gina Torres and Alan Tudyk as Zoë and Wash on Firefly.


"They were the most realistic TV couple I’ve seen onscreen. They didn’t have the tedious 'will they/won't they' drama that other couples deal with. They were together from the start and they dealt with real things space!"


23. Dominique Provost-Chalkley and Katherine Barrell as Waverly and Nicole on Wynonna Earp.


"Dominique and Katherine really helped make Waverly and Nicole the iconic couple that they are today."


24. Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas as Snow and Charming on Once Upon a Time.


"The scene where they finally remember who they truly are was just *chef’s kiss*. But in every moment they shared, the love that they had together was so potent. Ginnifer and Josh's marriage in real life really came across onscreen just by how their characters looked at each other. Their relationship survived so much, and they were always there for one another."


25. Asa Butterfield and Emma Mackey as Otis and Maeve on Sex Education.


"Their relationship is cute, fumbling, sad, and is full of bad timing and missed opportunities. It really feels like having a crush on someone and knowing it may not be the best idea but you can't help longing for them anyway."


26. Iain De Caestecker and Elizabeth Henstridge as Fitz and Simmons on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.


"They are one of the most underrated couples out there and have incredible chemistry."


27. James Lafferty and Bethany Joy Lenz as Nathan and Haley on One Tree Hill.

The CW

"Their scenes felt so real and natural, especially in the later seasons. Plus, they lasted nine seasons with only a few bumps in the road, which was refreshing to see in a teen drama."


28. Tom Ellis and Lauren German as Lucifer and Chloe on Lucifer.


"From the beginning, they made such a great team and worked so well together, and watching them go from friends to a couple was amazing. Chloe makes Lucifer a better person and Lucifer makes Chloe step outside her comfort zone. They complete each other."


29. Aubrey Plaza and Chris Pratt as April and Andy on Parks and Rec.


"You instantly fell in love with their relationship the second they had a scene alone together. Their relationship took a while to work out, as April was insecure about Andy's past relationship with Ann, and Andy was worried about their age gap. Their wedding was a moment that not only fit perfectly for them, but also was a great representation of how relationships can move at different speeds. Aubrey and Chris really knocked it out of the park when making a relationship seem realistic and romantic. Their chemistry was off the charts!"


30. Carly Chaikin and Grace Gummer as Darlene and Dominique on Mr. Robot.


"Every scene they had together was next level."


31. And finally, Gabriel Macht and Sarah Rafferty as Harvey and Donna on Suits.


"I think it really helped the chemistry and the relationship between Donna and Harvey that Gabriel and Sarah had been friends for years. They were great together and every scene radiated chemistry."


Are there other actors on TV who have unbelievable chemistry? Tell us your favorites in the comments below!

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Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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