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21 Times James Corden Was The Best Thing To Happen To Late Night TV In 2017

When James Corden and Harry Styles brought their bromance to TV and sang "Endless Love."

1. When he gave Kim Kardashian the option of revealing if Kylie and Khloe are pregnant or drinking a sardine smoothie...and she chose the smoothie:

2. When James and the kids from Stranger Things became the greatest Motown group of our generation:

3. When he dressed up as Pennywise in a hilarious It / I.T. department mash-up:

4. When he showcased his bromance with Harry Styles by having him as the musical guest for an entire week:

5. And, of course, when they made their love official by performing "Endless Love":

6. When James and Ed Sheeran jammed out to One Direction in the car:

7. When he challenged Demi Lovato and they went head-to-head in a diva riff-off for the ages:

8. When James and Lin-Manuel Miranda performed Hair on the streets of Los Angeles and flashed an entire city block:

9. When he joined the cast of Beauty and the Beast in a hilarious edition of "Crosswalk the Musical":

10. When he challenged Fifth Harmony to a game of "Flinch," proving that everyone is afraid of fruit being catapulted at their head:

11. When he surprised Sam Smith with Fifth Harmony and his reaction was the purest thing ever:

12. When James and Miley Cyrus rocked out to "Party in the USA" and "The Climb":

13. When he wanted to audition for Magic Mike Live, so Channing Tatum tried to teach him everything he knows:

14. When he brought The Late Late Show across the pond and proved that the only way to see the sights was on "Tom's Cruise":

15. When late night TV couldn't contain him anymore, so "Carpool Karaoke" and "Drop the Mic" became their own TV shows:

16. When James and Emily Blunt gave us a stellar soundtrack for Romeo and Juliet:

17. When he ate a piece of cow tongue and made Charlie Puth almost vomit on national TV:

18. When he desperately wanted to join Little Mix when they swung by the show:

19. When James and Samuel L. Jackson turned back time on his entire acting career:

20. When he got serious and helped us make sense of everything during times of tragedy:

21. And of course, even in 2017, he still couldn’t get through a single round of "Celebrity Noses":

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