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Jenna Fischer Revealed What Was Written On The Note Jim Gave Pam In "The Office" And I'm Sobbing

"That was his goodbye."

So I think it's safe to say that Jim and Pam's relationship on The Office was one of the biggest TV romances of all time.

And while they have so many incredible moments together, I personally love when Jim made the adorable teapot gift for Pam in Season 2.

Well, on the latest episode of the Office Ladies podcast, Jenna Fischer finally revealed what was written in the note from the teapot and I'm sobbing.

If you need a refresher, during "Christmas Party," Jim plans the perfect gift for Pam in the form of a teapot.

Inside is a bunch of stuff Pam loves, but at the last minute, Jim takes the note he wrote for her.

Ultimately, Pam doesn't find out about the note until the final season, when Jim gives it to her after she sees footage from the Christmas party.

During the podcast, Jenna said that only she and John Krasinski know exactly what's written in the note, but during Season 9, Greg Daniels suggested to John that he write "a personal message from himself" to Jenna.

The heartfelt note ended up detailing what John's time with Jenna on The Office meant to him and how special it all was.

She continued, saying that the note from the teapot was basically John's goodbye to her.

Jenna remembered what it was like filming the scene — she said the first time she ever read the note was on camera, and she just started bawling.

Jenna said she'll probably never reveal what the note from John exactly said, but "just know, it was perfect."

Basically, I am SOBBING over this adorable moment and I'm so happy to finally know what was written in the teapot note.