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    Taylor Swift Attending Travis Kelce's Chiefs Game Had Everyone Talking, So Here Are Some Behind-The-Scenes Moments You Might've Missed

    "I would say, Travis Kelce has had a lot of big catches in his career. This would be the biggest."

    1. First, when Travis Kelce ran out of the tunnel and did his signature arrow gesture seemingly in the direction of the Kelce family's box where Taylor Swift was sitting during the Kansas City Chiefs game vs. the Chicago Bears.

    Kelce pointing at his family's box

    2. Taylor and Donna Kelce, Travis's mom, shared an adorable moment where they were laughing and chatting.

    Closeup of Donna Kelce and Taylor Swift

    3. Before the game started, a fan seemingly caught Travis, Patrick Mahomes, and some of the other players and staff looking up at the booth where Taylor was.

    Kelce with Patrick Mahomes on the field

    4. Fans were laughing on Twitter that when the Fox broadcast first showed Taylor, they accompanied her name with "12-time Grammy Award winner," as if they had to explain who she is.

    "12-Time Grammy Award Winner"

    5. A fan was spotted holding up this sign in the stands at Arrowhead Stadium:

    A fan holding a sign that says "Kelce is Swift to the Endzone!"

    6. And then, Taylor was filmed looking like she was taking a picture with the sign in the background.

    Taylor Swift posing for a picture in the box

    7. Another fan was in the stands holding up a sign asking if Taylor was there:

    "Is Taylor here"

    8. After Travis scored a touchdown and did a dance in the end zone, Taylor celebrated and seemingly yelled, "Let's fucking go."

    Taylor cheering

    9. A photo of Taylor posing with a fan with a chicken tender on her plate went viral as soon as it was shared during the game.

    Pop Crave / Via

    10. After the Chiefs scored, Taylor did a chest bump to celebrate:

    Fox / Via

    11. Taylor also gave a thumbs up after yet another great Chiefs play.

    Taylor giving the thumbs up

    12. At one point, Taylor was caught doing a little dance between plays:

    13. The jacket Taylor was seen wearing isn't even available to buy yet, so people pointed out that it might mean Travis gave it to her, or she was gifted it by someone else in the Chiefs' organization.

    Taylor Swift in the Kelce box

    14. While on the sidelines, Travis was seen looking up toward his family's box and smiling.

    Closeup of Travis Kelce

    15. Following the Chiefs 41–10 win over the Bears, Taylor was spotted helping clean up the Kelce family's box where she watched the game from.

    Taylor cleaning up after herself

    16. Travis and Taylor left Arrowhead Stadium together, with Travis wearing a matching set called "1989 Bedroom Painting Set" from KidSuper Studios. He also wore the outfit when he arrived at the stadium before the game.

    Closeup of Travis and Taylor

    17. Then, Taylor and Travis were seen driving down the street with Travis driving.

    Pop Base / X / Via

    18. During his post-game interview with Erin Andrews, Patrick Mahomes talked about getting Travis the ball knowing Taylor was in the stands.

    Patrick Mahomes being interviewed

    19. Then, in his post-game press conference, Patrick gushed over Taylor's talent and said he hopes to meet her one day.

    Closeup of Patrick Mahomes

    20. Patrick also joked that Travis offhandedly mentioned on Friday that Taylor might come to the game this past weekend, but Patrick didn't really believe him.

    Closeup of Patrick Mahomes

    21. Meanwhile, Chiefs head coach Andy Reid joked that he's the one who set up Travis and Taylor.

    "I set them up..."

    22. Patriots head coach Bill Belichick talked about Taylor attending the Chiefs game on The Greg Hill Show, saying, "I would say, Travis Kelce has had a lot of big catches in his career. This would be the biggest."

    23. After leaving Arrowhead Stadium, Taylor and Travis reportedly went to a restaurant that Travis rented out for him and his family after the game. Other fans reported being inside and suddenly having their meals paid for so they could vacate the venue before the event began.

    24. Travis's brother Jason Kelce reposted a video from Barstool Sports where they talk about Taylor betraying her love for the Philadelphia Eagles, who Jason plays for, and playfully making fun of Travis.

    Jason Kelce / X / Via

    25. Chiefs defensive tackle Chris Jones tweeted about the Chiefs win over the Bears and said he was going to listen to Taylor to celebrate.

    Chris Jones / X / Via Twitter: @StoneColdJones

    26. The NFL changed their official TikTok bio to commemorate the day that Taylor attended the Chiefs vs. Bears game.

    "Taylor was here."

    27. And finally, the Fox broadcast team dubbed the game the "start to the Taylor Swift Era for the Chiefs."

    Jason Hanna / Getty Images / NFL / Fox / Via

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