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    Rachel Weisz Found Out She Was Taron Egerton's First Crush In Front Of Him, And He Was Clearly So Embarrassed

    While interviewing each other, Rachel Weisz was surprised with a clip of Taron Egerton saying he has a crush on her, and if that happened to me...I would've collapsed.

    I'm gonna be honest, one of my favorite things is when I learn about celebrities who are huge fans of other celebs.

    Whether it's a celebrity crush, the celeb they admire the most, or even the actor who made them want to start acting, it always makes for a wholesome little moment when they say it.

    Now, one thing I personally cannot imagine living through is if my celebrity crush found out I had a crush on them WHILE I WAS WITH THEM and it wasn't something I personally brought up.

    And well, that's exactly what happened to Taron Egerton during Variety's Actors on Actors series, where he and Rachel Weisz were interviewing each other.

    While the duo have met before, this was the first time they've gotten to really talk and spend time together.

    They dove into Rachel's performance in Dead Ringers and Taron's work in Black Bird, and the whole conversation was one of my favorites because they were both clearly fans of each other's recent projects and careers.

    Then, very deep into their conversation — literally 20 minutes in — Rachel is shown a clip of Taron on Watch What Happens Live where he's asked who his first celebrity crush was.

    In the resurfaced clip, without missing a beat, Taron says, "Rachel Weisz."

    He's immediately embarrassed by the whole moment...

    ...and even says how they now have to sit in the awkwardness. He can't even look her in the eye right after.

    Rachel, being the absolutely perfect human that she is, tries to make Taron feel better by telling him about her first celebrity crush.

    Then, when Taron jokes that they still haven't moved past it, Rachel perfectly pivoted back to the conversation they were having prior.

    You can watch the whole interaction below:


    taronegerton's celebrity crush is rachelweisz. #actorsonactors

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    After the clip was posted, a lot of people had similar feelings, saying they also would've been so embarrassed if they were in this situation, Rachel handled it perfectly, and everyone has had a crush on Rachel since The Mummy.

    And Taron even mentioned the whole embarassing moment when he posted about his Actors on Actors interview on Instagram:

    Okay, I'm just gonna end this post with Rachel as Evelyn from The Mummy because of course I am.

    You can watch Taron and Rachel's entire conversation for Variety's Actors on Actors below:

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