21 Tweets About "Tangled" Because We All Feel A Little Bit Like Rapunzel Right Now

    Mother Gothel kept Rapunzel in a tower, hidden from the village of Corona.

    With everyone practicing social distancing and quarantining due to the coronavirus pandemic, I've turned to watching Disney movies to keep my mind off of things.

    So, if you're like me and you've watched Tangled in the last few days, you're in for an interesting surprise because Mother Gothel actually hid Rapunzel in a tower away from the village of Corona.

    I'm watching Tangled and I can't believe Rapunzel practiced social distancing in a tower away from the village of Corona. I just—

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    Literally, I can't believe Rapunzel practiced — of course, not by choice — social distancing for 18 years.

    Like me, the rest of the internet can't stop thinking about about how relevant Tangled/Rapunzel is during this time. Here are some of the best tweets about it:


    so you’re tellin me rapunzel was in quarantine all her life cause her mom was hiding her from CORONA

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    THINGS YOU CAN DO IN QUARANTINE: -chores -sweep till the floor's all clean -polish -wax -do laundry -mop & shine up -sweep again and by then it's like 7:15 -read a book or maybe 2 or 3 -add a few new paintings to my gallery -play guitar -knit -cook -wonder when will my life begin

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    If Rapunzel can entertain herself in her tower for 18 years, I think you can handle being in quarantine for a few weeks.

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    let’s not forget that rapunzel was quarantined and met her future husband so let’s think positively here

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    When you realize rapunzel was in quarantine for 16 years!!!

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    @CassK9 if Rapunzel can be isolated for 18 years without hoards of toilet paper, so can we 😤

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    The queen of self-quarantine, rapunzel everyone 🥺💕

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    Just a reminder that when Rapunzel was quarantined by Mother Gothel she read a book (or maybe two or three), added a few new paintings to her gallery, played guitar, knitted, cooked, and basically wondered when her life will begin. Wyd?

    Twitter: @TomZohar / Via Twitter: @TomZohar


    I don’t know how Rapunzel lasted 18 years in a tower. I’m barely on day 4 of quarantine and I’m losing my mind due to boredom.

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    Just a reminder that when Rapunzel was quarantined in her tower she wrote "When Will My Life Begin."

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    When I said I wanted to be just like Rapunzel, I didn’t mean the self-isolation part 🤦🏻‍♀️

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    omg quarantine is just rapunzel role play https://t.co/7vRo4HGRtb

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    Girl, Rapunzel was KIDNAPPED https://t.co/jnB7VQEyae

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    Dinah, Rapunzel had no bills to pay and a family to feed. 🙂 https://t.co/qc9IkF1PhM

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    I can’t believe we’re all about to live our best Rapunzel Dreams.

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    day six of quarantine : - starting to feel like rapunzel , except mother gothel is the government and corona is the corona virus. BITCH I JUST WANT TO SEE THE FLOATING LIGHTS.

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    just remembered tangled takes place in corona

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    Let's be Rapunzel in this world full of Anna. Rapunzel : The queen of quarantine. Anna : "Finally they're opening up the gates." 🤣🤣🤣 #MMQuarantine #MMLockdown

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    You're all talking about Rapunzel being quarantined for 16 years but all of you are really sleeping on Elsa the master of self-quarantine, queen of the kingdom of isolation, conceal don't feel don't let them know

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    rapunzel and elsa, queens of self-quarantine ✨

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