37 "Stranger Things" Season 3 Behind-The-Scenes Pictures That'll Make You Love The Cast Even More

    Hawkins seems like a happier place in between scenes.

    1. First, here's Millie Bobby Brown and Dacre Montgomery taking a break while filming the Season 3 finale:

    2. Here's a look inside the void, specifically when Eleven was spying on Lucas, Will, and Mike:

    3. And here's how they filmed the scene where Eleven is falling through the void:

    4. David Harbour being adorable in between takes:

    5. Finn Wolfhard and Maya Hawke taking a much-deserved nap:

    6. The Scoops Troop being adorable behind the scenes:

    7. Joe Keery testing out a new wig for Steve:

    8. Gaten Matarazzo cramming himself into a box so production can figure out how big to make the vent from Scoops Ahoy to the secret Russian elevator:

    9. And, here's Priah Ferguson actually filming the scene where Erica crawls through the vent:

    10. Sadie Sink and Millie striking a pose while filming in the rain:

    11. The entire Stranger Things gang getting some notes while filming the finale:

    12. Sadie and Millie trying to blend in with some mannequins inside the Starcourt Mall:

    13. Millie, Maya, and Finn adorably sharing a chair in between scenes:

    14. Millie rocking Eleven's iconic '80s look:

    15. Winona Ryder preparing to film a classic Joyce and Hopper moment in the woods:

    16. Millie and Noah Schnapp sharing this sweet moment with some hot sauce:

    17. Here's David striking a pose in Hopper's amazing shirt:

    18. Natalia Dyer getting ready to play Nancy in the hair and makeup trailer:

    19. And here's a look inside the hair and makeup trailer:

    20. Noah, Sadie, and Caleb McLaughlin showing off their candy while filming the opening movie theater scene:

    21. Dacre and Cara Buono filming one of Billy and Karen's poolside chats:

    22. Dacre and Millie sharing some food after saving the world from the Mind Flayer:

    23. Maya and Joe rehearsing the scene where Robin comes out to Steve:

    24. Charlie Heaton watching one of the scenes from the hospital:

    25. Caleb giving the crew a thumbs-up:

    26. Director Shawn Levy showing what it was like filming the Scoops Troop escaping the Starcourt Mall:

    27. Joe, Finn, and Gaten playing a game of catch with a roll of paper towels in between scenes:

    28. Dacre getting some notes while filming a scene:

    29. Millie and Sadie hanging out in Will's fort during some downtime:

    30. Charlie and Caleb can't stop laughing while filming together:

    31. Charlie having some fun with a dummy version of one of the Russian spies:

    32. Cara taking a much-needed break from the sun while filming poolside:

    33. Here's what it looked like filming the big carnival scenes:

    34. Millie and Sadie behind the scenes of Eleven and Max's sleepover:

    35. Noah giving sliding in between the escalators like the Scoops Troop a try:

    36. Here's the gang discussing how to defeat the Mind Flayer or Will pleading to play D&D:

    37. And finally, Millie peacing out after filming a scene:

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