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    Stephanie Beatriz Shared 21 Things She's Been Up To While Stuck At Home, And It Includes Watching A Ton Of Pixar Movies

    "I finally have an excuse as to why I am wearing Crocs so much."

    Stephanie Beatriz: "Home Town, the adorable renovation show that is fulfilling my need to watch walls get torn down, plus everyone has a sexy soothing southern accent."

    "Letting Parks and Rec stream constantly in the background, because Ron Swanson."

    "Kim's Convenience is a BRILLIANT sitcom out of Canada that I am in love with; I have two seasons left and I don't want it to end!"

    "RuPaul's Drag Race — current and all past seasons — because 'If you can't love yourself, how the hell you gonna love somebody else!' (Can I get an AMEN???)."

    "Inside Out, because the vocal talents are so, so moving and the sweet journey of understanding feelings is so touching."

    "Onward, for the same reason."

    "Wreck-It Ralph, for the same reason. Wow, feels like I intimately understand Pixar and Disney films and therefore I should be in a film. Pixar, your move here."

    "Gardening. I am growing things from seeds on my once-neglected patio and getting a huge sense of accomplishment at it. I even installed a drip system for my succulents and flowers. I finally have an excuse as to why I am wearing Crocs so much."

    tbh for me it always was

    Twitter: @iamstephbeatz / Via Twitter: @iamstephbeatz

    "Fetch the Bolt Cutters. Fiona."

    "Anything Dolly [Parton]."

    "And all the My Favorite Murder Fan Cult exclusive podcast. I know that isn't music, but it's what I am listening to 90% of the time."

    "I've been working out with @jennacokerjones, a kickass health coach and trainer, and @catebee, a pilates instructor goddess."

    "I also am digging that @pilatespunxla posts a new free 30-minute video to their IG Live every day!"

    "Just finished City of Girls by Elizabeth Gilbert."

    "The She-Hulk collections by Dan Slott. [They're] EPIC and hilarious."

    "[And] about to jump into Normal People and These Witches Don't Burn."

    "Most recently, chocolate chip cookies and roasted carrot leek soup."

    "My friends. I'm living for their dark comedy and hilarious observational wit in these times. The text messages alone are pretty damn good, but their actual delivery of banter is *chef's kiss*. I miss hugging them, though."

    "[And] please, please wear your mask in public. When you run, when you walk, when you shop."

    You can catch Stephanie Beatriz on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Season 7 is currently streaming on NBC and Hulu.