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    37 TV Shows That Hooked People From The Very First Episode

    "I typically don't like pilot episodes, but Watchmen's first episode is an absolutely perfect first hour of television."

    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which TV show has a perfect pilot episode. Here are some of our favorite responses:

    Warning: There are some spoilers ahead!

    1. "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes" from Mad Men.

    2. "Pilot" from This Is Us.

    3. "A Hard Day's Night" from Grey's Anatomy.

    4. "It's Summer and We're Running Out of Ice" from Watchmen.

    5. "Season 1, Episode 1" from Fleabag.

    6. "Pilot" from The Vampire Diaries.

    7. "Chapter One" from The Mandalorian.

    8. "Pilot" from Friday Night Lights.

    9. "Pilot" from The Good Place.

    10. "Winter Is Coming" from Game of Thrones.

    11. "Pilot" from Breaking Bad.

    12. "Chapter One: The Vanishing of Will Byers" from Stranger Things.

    13. "Pilot" from Gilmore Girls.

    14. "Pilot" from How to Get Away with Murder.

    15. "Season 1, Episode 1" from Derry Girls.

    16. "Natural Selection" from Orphan Black.

    17. "Nice Face" from Killing Eve.

    18. "Pilot" from The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

    19. "Sweet Baby" from Scandal.

    20. "Pilot" from Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

    21. "Sassenach" from Outlander.

    22. "Pilot: Part 1 and Part 2" from Lost.

    23. "We Just Decided To" from The Newsroom.

    24. "Pilot" from Lucifer.

    25. "Pilot" from Euphoria.

    26. "Days Gone Bye" from The Walking Dead.

    27. "Pilot" from Glee.

    28. "Pilot" from Dead to Me.

    29. "Steven Sees a Ghost" from The Haunting of Hill House.

    30. "Pilot" from One Tree Hill.

    31. "Pilot" from Supernatural.

    32. "A Study in Pink" from Sherlock.

    33. "Pilot" from Modern Family.

    34. "Pilot" from Shameless.

    35. "The Train Job" from Firefly.

    36. "That '70s Pilot" from That '70s Show.

    37. And finally, "Pilot" from You.

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    Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.