27 "The Society" Moments That Prove Grizz Is The Absolute Best

    "How do you say, 'kiss me'?"

    Hi, hello! So, one of my favorite new TV shows is Netflix's The Society.

    And while the show has sparked so many theories, I really just need to talk about my undying love for Grizz.

    I can’t believe I would die for a character named Grizz, but here we are 🥰 #TheSociety

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    So, here are some Grizz moments that prove why he's the absolute best.

    WARNING: There are MAJOR spoilers for Season 1 ahead!

    1. First, when Grizz was the only one who knew what the writing on the wall meant:

    2. When he casually quoted Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and none of his friends cared:

    3. When he realized that there was nothing he could do to save Emily after she was bit by a snake:

    4. When Grizz was the only one who was trying to rationalize why they were trapped:

    5. When he quoted his favorite play and told Elle that she needed to make the most out of life:

    6. When he rocked this button-down shirt and sweatpants look at prom:

    7. When Grizz adorably and awkwardly danced in the background at prom:

    8. When Grizz showed Sam the only sign language that he knew, but wanted to learn more:

    9. And then, just the way he adorably looked at Sam:

    10. When Grizz comforted Allie after Cassandra's death by bringing her tea and a quote he loved:

    11. When Grizz wanted to do anything he could to keep Allie safe after she was put in charge:

    12. When he accidentally slept through his alarm before the raid on Dewey's house:

    13. When Grizz had this hilarious reaction when asked if they were raiding the house correctly:

    14. When Grizz couldn't pull the trigger and kill Dewey:

    15. When Grizz simply sat with Allie after everything that happened with Dewey:

    16. When he went with Luke to pick out an engagement ring like a supportive BFF:

    17. When Grizz secretly learned more sign language so he could talk to Sam:

    18. When he taught Sam how to garden and they just enjoyed each other's company:

    19. When Grizz asked Sam how to say "kiss me" in ASL:

    20. When Grizz told Sam that their relationship felt like a new beginning:

    21. When he was heartbroken after learning that Sam was having a baby with Becca:

    22. When Grizz and Sam reconciled and kissed before Grizz left on his expedition:

    23. And then, when Grizz told Sam that he would return to him:

    24. When he adorably chased after these turkeys:

    25. When he read everyone a passage from the book that Sam gave him:

    26. When he decided to come out to Gwen after she crawled into his tent:

    27. And finally, every single time Grizz put his hair up in this adorable little bun: